Monday, 27 January 2014

Brother Scan and Cut settings

Well, after craft clinic this morning I now have sooooo many ideas rushing around in my head!
Anyway as promised here are the settings for the products we got chance to cut...I will add to this list as and when I do additional product.

All these setting may change depending on the age of your blade.


Plasticote.  Deep cut blade.   Blade depth 2   pressure 0. Build up to blade depth 7 and then on the last cut put the pressure up to 1.

Centura pearl card. Regular blade.          Pressure 0.          Blade depth 7.
If this tears your card or doesn't cut cleanly then reduce the pressure to -1 and try again.

Funky foam           Deep cut blade.         Pressure 1.          Blade depth 10.

Grunge paper.        Deep cut blade.         Pressure 2.           Blade depth 6.

Grunge board.        Deep cut blade.         Pressure 3.           Blade depth 12.
Start with blade on 2and pressure on 1 and build up the depth first and then on the last two cuts build up the pressure.

Vinyl.                     Regular blade.           Pressure 0.          Blade 1.5

Canvas.                  Deep cut blade.         Pressure 2.           Blade depth 6.           Cut twice.

Mirri card.             Regular blade.           Pressure 1.          Blade depth 3.           Cut once.

Mount board         Deep blade.       Build up from blade depth 2 to blade depth 12. Also
Start with pressure on 1 and build up to 3.

Leather                  Deep blade.               Pressure 5.          Blade depth 5.           Cut once.

Plastic Lace.          Regular Blade.          Pressure 1.          Blade depth 4.           Cut once.

Oil cloth.               Deep blade.                Pressure 3.         Deep blade 5.             Cut once.

Vellum                  Regular blade.           Pressure 1.          Blade depth 2.           Cut twice.

Shrink plastic.       Regular blade.           Pressure 2.          Blade depth 6.           Cut once.

Craft metal.           Regular blade.           Pressure 1.          Blade depth 2.           Cut twice
(On the second cut take the blade depth up to 3.)

Parchment.            Regular blade.           Pressure 1.          Blade depth 3.5.        Cut once.

Adorable.              Regular blade.            Pressure 1.         Blade depth 4.            Cut once.
Cotton fabric.        Regular blade.           Pressure 5.          Blade depth 5.            Cut once.
Spray the fabric with spray starch and then spray it with stick and spray so that it stick really well to the mat.

Felt.                       Regular blade.           Pressure 9.          Blade depth 7.            Cut once.
Use heat and bond lite on the back of the felt to stabilise it before cutting.

Doeflex.                 Deep blade.               Pressure 1.          Blade depth 4.           Cut once.

Acetate.                  Deep blade.               Pressure 1.          Blade depth 2.5.        Cut once.

Chipboard.             Deep blade.               Pressure 1.          Blade depth 2,4,6 & 8.  Cut four times
Changing the blade depth each time.

I will add things like magnetic sheets, canvas, funky foam and other products later on after my next show.
Hope this helps.
Melanie xxxxxxx


  1. Thank you Mel. Can't wait for mine to come.
    Sylvia x

  2. Mel, thank you so much for the info. I am hard to please, but my goodness, that was a superb show this morning. Looking forward to the next! Dee

  3. Many thanks Mel if you get a chance look on my personal blog to see why I cannot wait to get my machine. Especially Grunge board and other card.

  4. Well Well, it seems that the Cricut machine is now taking a back seat to the new toy. On the strength of her 'People who know me line' I purchased the Cricut Imagine some time ago and had nothing but problems with it and then I found it was deemed obsolete. Mel did not say this live on Create and Craft and even better she continued to push the cartridges for it long after it became obsolete. And now today she was banging on about the deep blade for the Brother Scan and Cut machine saying that other producers of cutting machines have brought out a deep blade but it was not worth its salt especially when you look at the new deep blade for the Brother. I don't know which machine she was comparing but I have a deep blade for my Cricut again after I was told by Mel that it was a really good blade and allowed the Cricut to cut even more material. I have to say that I no longer listen to Mel and her saintly comments and I have been the better for it so go on and buy your Brother but remember this, if you scan any of your stamps for instance you may find yourself in breach of copy write so be careful.

  5. Hello crafterlicious...sorry I don't know your name.
    You have every right not to listen to my opinion and also turn off the television when I am on. However, as with everything in life products become better as new technologies advance. I continued to sell cartridges on C&C for the Cricut imagine after Provocraft...not me ...discontinued this product as their were and still are customers out there who use their machines on a regular basis. If you had lots of problems with you imagine then maybe you should have contacted provocraft directly and asked then to honour your warranty.
    Now for the subject of the deep cut blade. I also use the deep cut blade with my Cricut and have some success with it but I am entitled to my opinion that the Brother one is stronger, which it is.
    I have not turned my back on my Cricut at all and in fact run Cricut retreats and am continuing to do so.
    If you have listened to the programmes you will have heard both John and I say that we have had permission from several stamp and craft companies ie, clarity, crafters companion, my Craft studio, Chloe's stamps, Debbie Moore, inkydoodles and Gems designs to BUY their product, stamp or print it and then scan it in to use the BSC to assist in cutting them out.
    It is not compulsory to buy a BSC and you are entitled to your opinion as am I.
    If you would like to discuss this further then please feel free to contact me directly at
    Thank you

  6. Loved you shows today Mel, on the cusp of buying the cut and scan. Can you tell me if the memory has templates for boxes/wedding favour types? Many thanks

  7. Hi Mel. Recorded Craft Clinic and have just watched it and found it very informative, thank you. I too bought the Cricut on your say so and have enjoyed using it this past couple of years and will continue to do so, but as with everything from kettles, washing machines and especially computers, technology is improving in leaps and bounds all the time, thank goodness, and I for one am looking forward very much to receiving my ScannCut. SueL x

  8. Hi Rhian
    No, not at the moment but that is something that I will ask. Brother to look at. However I think MCS do a cd with box templates on so it may be worth checking that out. X

  9. Thanks Mel, I guess it would be straightforward enough to draw templates anyway and scan them in?

  10. Fabulous craft clinic today Mel. I really appreciate you & John trying out all the different materials for us. I love your enthusiasm for the Scan n cut and those moments when you have discovered something new are priceless. I so can't wait for mine to arrive as the potential is endless. Look forward to more Scan n cut shows. x

  11. please please can we some of the patchwork blocks being cut out, i am loving the programs and can not wait for my machine to come, i would also like to do some classes with you on this machine as ifind you learn more when your being shown.

  12. thanks for sharing all your info wth us Mel it is much appreciated. Can't wait for my machine to arrive and start to play .Loving all your shows on CnC - both you and John have been a joy to watch. Keep up the good work xx

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  14. Eagerly awaiting for my ScanNcut to arrive. I have registered with the Brother Canvas site in order to start practising but I'm finding it impossible to import other file formats (Silhouette and Serif just to use as cutting files of course) and wondered if a step by step guide could be produced to help the non technies like myself (I don't even know what the file formats are for Serif and Silhouette).
    Many thanks
    Margaret A

    1. Hi Margaret, I was just reading through the comments as I have too just purchased the SNC in relation to silhouette files, you can print the cut lines on a project you have designed so you will be able to print it, scan it in the brother and then cut the file. hope this helps, by doing it this way you cut out the process of having to use the scan and cut canvas... hope this helps and hope you get this message.... xxx

  15. Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. Personally I have always found Mel's advice and recommendations invaluable. I have taken her advice on many occasions and always to my advantage. She has improved my crafting no end and no words could ever thank her enough for being so honest and helpful. I'm sure there are thousands of crafters in the same position and feel the same as I do.
    It was only after seeing Mel demonstrating the Cricut that I made my first steps into the world of Electronic cutting machines. I was so happy with the Create Machine that I went on and bought not only the Gypsy but also upgraded to the then new Cricut Expression 2. I've never looked back and loved these machines and will keep them as I also have a massive library of cartridges.
    Now this amazing new Machine has been launched, I want one. Technology and Brother have now brought us a new Craft/Hobby machine that can achieve more than any previous machine on the market. I can see the immense possibilities this machine can help us to achieve. It's understandable that Mel would be so enthusiastic about this new technology (as anyone would be).
    Since owning the Cricut Machines I too have sung the praises of what it can do. However once I start designing, cutting and discovering the potential of the Brother I am sure I will be spreading the word amongst friends and fellow crafters. I wouldn't want to replace my Cricut as it still has it's place in my craft room. However the Brother Scan and Cut is only going to make crafting more fun, give us more options and less limitations. I'm sure no one in their right mind would recommend that you take a step backwards.

    Mel, thank you for more amazing shows today, Looking forward to Wednesday's as well. Great to see all the cutting guides.

  16. Hi Margaret
    I am going to pass your post on to John as he gets the technical stuff!!!!!
    I am sure he will be in touch.

  17. Hi Mel, thank you for your show today, and for your knowledge on the heart shape with writing on that I enquired about, it's for my sons wedding in Poland in June ( I have to make 150 to hang on the bottles of Vodka, can't wait for my machine to arrive thanking you Shirley

  18. Hi Mel
    When are you gong to try mountboard? Love your shows.


  19. H. Lynda
    I PROMISE I will do it tomorrow. I am on at 9am and then a two hour show 6 - 8pm. Willy ry and do it on the early show but it mat be the later one depending on the producer. Xxx

  20. Thanks for the info Mel... it will be so useful. Roll on Feb. 10th I say.... expecting great joy with this machine. (even though I have 2 Cricuts!!) Recording all your shows.

  21. Mel, just typing up all the info you have freely shared. Thank you. Would love to know how to cut the acrylic you mentioned yesterday. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  22. Hi Mel show was great yesterday learnt alot can not wait for my machine to arrive. Can you answer my question if you have a template with the dotted lines can you just leave them in or do you have to delete them. Sandy

  23. Hi Sandra
    If you scam in the template shape and ask it to direct cut it will ignore the score lines anyway as it just cuts the outline. Hope that's what you mean. X

  24. Hi Dee
    I haven't got any acrylic sheets left and being me I didn't write the combination down!!!!!, as soon as I get my hands on some more I will add it to the list. X

  25. Hi Mel watched your demo's yesterday and can see where your coming from, I purchased a pinflair needlework box to make, put off cutting the material until now so many pieces when I get my machine (only 2 weeks to go) I shall be able to draw round the templates scan and cut the material with seam allowance for glueing how cooooool is that.

  26. HI Mel;
    My beloved is on the list for a Scan n Cut. Whilst looking around for things I could do with it I am across this (link Below) A student building a 1:60 scale model of a Boeing Jet out of manilla folder card.
    It was his choice of material that intigued me..

  27. This is awesome, Mel. So helpful. I'm going to print this off so I'm all good to go. Your demos have been fantastic.

  28. Thanks for your craft clinic show yesterday. I recorded it and had just started watching it when my husband came home. I offered to turn it off (can't expect him to watch all the craft programmes I record) but he said leave it on. He knew I was after one if these machines to replace my Wishblade which I've had for 6 years and really don't use anymore as it cuts such a limited range of materials. But as we have a daughter getting married in April I had asked if it might be possible as a birthday present (July).

    As we watched your show he was asking me all sorts of questions and was surprised as I've already started a notebook of ideas and tips for when I eventually get one - be optimistic.

    He asked me if I would like one as an anniversary present! If so order it now! Was I really likely to say no? It's ordered and I can't wait!!! A big thank you for your clear and excited delivery yesterday (and every show).

  29. Hi Mel could brother make a pen holder for scan n cut that could hold our existing pens and pencils, or crayons?

  30. Hi mel really Enjoying the Demos for the scan n cut on c&c
    I Heard also a Lady who owns the scan n cut finds using a brayer easier to press the card/fabric onto the mat . I will be giving this ago when i recieve my scan n cut machine. Xx luv mandy :-)

  31. Hi Mel

    Thank you for all info above,just wondering is the cut speed on 5 for all materials listed above,even on the ones that require 2 or more cuts? Loved your Sunday scrappers show when you were talking about Mister Pipster and how precious he is to you. I have never scrap booked but would love to do ones for my dogs. I have 14 beagles, as used to breed but they are my pets first and foremost and hence why I wouldn't part with any of them and also due to people splitting up I took back some I had sold as pups. I adore each and every one equally,my husband and I weren't lucky enough to have children,but even if we had I know the beagles would just be as loved and precious to us. I am paid tomorrow so just hoping scan n cut will still be in stock! Keep up the good work,you are a great teacher. :-) x

  32. Hi Kathleen
    I keep it on full speed for the regular blade but slow it to 3 for DC blade. Good question. X

  33. Hi, Mel it's me again, could you ask Tim Holtz or any one involved with making Grunge board, could they make 12 by 12 inch Grunge board to us with the scan n cut etc ,they make the grunge paper in this size. We could then make fantastic boxes and in my case pocket watches with the extra space. Many thanks.

  34. Re using Brayer - I use one alot with my C...o!!, Just be careful if it is a 'stretchy' material because it can 'spring' back IYKWIM.
    Mel, re the acrylic which I am so keen to use, can you tell me whose it is or how thick and I will get some to try out?
    Taping all the shows - I hope you are being rewarded for all the extra effort you are putting in - you are a little star! Thank you. XX

  35. Mel, just an idea for the software for brother. I don't know if it is possible but could we have a 'fill page' with design? So, eg, if we had say 2/3 flowers we can group them to create one design. An option then to fill the page with that grouped design would be brilliant for making stencils. Dee

  36. I too have a different cutting machine but also ordered this one and can't wait for the delivery date! I have also got a notebook where I am jotting down all the ideas I get when watching the demos, and the settings as detailed above. By the way well said to the criticisms voiced above, perhaps they still wash clothes down by the river and cook over the fire!! x

  37. Hi Mel,
    Thank you for all your fab demos on C&C.
    I've just this second plucked up the courage and bought my Brother Scan N cut. Will I be able to scan a lacy die cut shape that I've cut with my Cuttlebug, then cut a surround to back it with, or will I have to draw around the shape and scan the drawing into the machine? I'm looking forward to seeing more demos and learning more about this fabulous machine.

  38. Hi Mel
    Thank you so much for all your research, advice and tips! :-)
    Can you please let me know how many cuts did it take for the mount board (got blade, pressure and blade depth above just number of cuts missing).
    Thank ever so

  39. I am just so excited, as bad as my two young grandchildren (6 & 3) during the couple of days before Christmas. :)

    Now my two questions to you both relate to parchment. I am a parcher and one of the more tedious parts (especially as I have had a stroke) is the tracing of the patterns onto the parchment. Now we normally trace in white pencil and then rub it out and I am wondering if I were to scan in the pattern sheet (with permission but since we have to trace them anyway I cannot see much of a problem) then draw it with the disappearing ink will it disappear from the parchment? If this works then it would be great to be able to draw in the design then to get on with the actual embossing and cutting in the normal way. Obviously I can't try this for myself until those pens come back in stock, but I am curious. :)

    The second question is related in that sometimes we trace in a coloured pen so how fine will it draw at the lightest pressure and will the ink dry on parchment?

    I am watching SO many of the shows, then the repeats too, then after midnight I get onto YouTube and watch tutorials and read reviews.

    Incidently, not all USB sticks will work according to reviews and I then went to Brother's Solutions and found a list of USB sticks and it indicates which will work with the SNC and which will not. I have today placed an order with my local computer shop for one which is on Brother's list, it will be about £10 for an 8GB stick which is not bad at all.

    Oh, just one more thing. I see in the US that some USBs are already available with designs and I particularly noticed that one, No 2 which is applique designs, says for personal use only so when they bring out the extras for us can we have it clarified as to what we can do with them. I don't sell my cards, normally, but I do donate many to charity and they do sell them.

    Sorry it is long.


  40. Hi Mel, I ordered the Scan and Cut in the first week of the launch and can't wait for mine to come so I can play. Do you know if the SNC will cut the metal from the coca cola cans!!! I have been making a mobile for my sister using the metal, I cut out the shapes with the Grand Caliber and then enamel the shapes with the efcolour works a treat..... but I am limited to the type of shapes or designs, but with the SNC I could scan in any shape or design I wanted, so do you think it would be able to cope with that type of material. I have recorded all your demos, I just love the way you get so excited when you find something new.

    Thank you

    Ann-Mary x

  41. Hi Mel I have watched most (if not all ) of your demos (and Johns) and was so looking forward to Wednesday's 2 hour show. What a disappointment!!. I was ruined by the frivolous attitude of the presenter and the unprofessional behaviour that ensued resulted in time wasted. Most of us pay (in some form) to watch TV and commit time also - if we want slapstick and poor stand up comedy there are other channels to choose.
    I don't believe that things in life should be without humour, but that show went beyond the mark.


  42. FAO Eddie. I have no affiliation with C&C nor do I know Mel personally. I do understand your comments - but may I respectfully suggest that if you feel so strongly as to post here it may be more appropriate to speak to C&C - if you haven't already. Mel has, I am sure, put tons of extra work in for our benefit and I would hate to lose this thread, as I find all the info she has freely given absolutely invaluable. I do not wish to offend you in any way - there is an 'off' button after all!

  43. Hi Mel...well I managed to secure a machine on pay day today,firstly YIPPEE and then phew,was so worried it would sell out!!! Anyway I was on brother website doing more research and noticed software update has been released today version 1.1,can I just update my machine when it arrives then,seems to be an update to the scanning area....let me know if you are able to update your machine easily Mel? Also there is a list of compatible usb's for the machine so it seems not all usb sticks compatible. Best regards Kathleen :-)

  44. I seriously cannot wait until mine is delivered well ours as my mother and I will have joint custody her for fabric me for papercraft and she will be sewing it a carry bag when it arrives so I can take it too my home from hers. Any idea when the out of stock items on c&c specifically pen holder, both sets of pens and the scanning mat will be back in stock. Thanks

  45. Hi Mel loved all the shows you have been doing with this new machine and i cant wait until it arrives i have one question do you know anything about the updates that are faceboo k at the moment i think we have all seen them but there are loads of us not sure about them i dont think they are for our machines are they

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  48. Hi Mel Just thought of something else I sometimes use it is the double sided adhesive sheets, I use these if I want to use flocking powder. Have not used if often because it would gum up the blade on the cutting machine ( which I have now sold) . Just can't wait I am keeping fingers crossed machine arrives before 14th so I can do hubby a valentine card I never get one as my birthday it day after on 15th. Best Regards Jackie Dawes

  49. Hi Mel. This is probably a stupid question but can you use the deep cut blade to cut out unmounted rubber stamps? I always end up with a sore thumb when I cut them and just wondered if the machine could cope with this. Thanks Nicky

  50. Hi Mel,
    My husband and I love watching you as you go into great detail on all the pro's and cons on all the new products out there plus giving us so great idea's to play with ourselves.
    Now to my question I know you have been asked this many times but it has never been answered in a way that I want to know and that is does it cut decoupage. I have bought 1000s and 1000s of uncut sheets, but now I am finding it hard to use scissors so I need help. could I now cut these on the c & s or do I buy a cameo both are expensive so I can only get one. Or will neither work and do I have to wait a little longer for a machine that does.
    I don't want to stop crafting but cutting is now becoming a problem.
    Please help,
    Carol and les

  51. Hi Mel

    Just wanted to ask a question, is there a possiblity of Brother having a scoring blade for the Scan'n'cut? and also just a black perminant pen rather than having to buy all the colours?

    I have loved watching you demo this machine and I am worse than a child on Christmas Eve I can't wait for it to arrive next week, I don't think I have been so excited about a craft product in my 22 years of crafting as I have with this one.

    Thank you so much for all the info you are posting - sooooo helpfull.


  52. Hi
    I just cant wait to get my Scan 'n Cut - so exciting. I have plans to play, play, play BUT a little bit help regarding felt. I am grateful for the information you have supplied but still have a couple of questions - I intend to cut out some letters form felt - how much "heat & bond lite" would I have to put on the back? I have "stick & spray" at the ready and wasn't sure if I would have to spray the back with starch but I'm jst not quite sure what is best
    You are so helpful and the C&C demos have been brilliant Well done! Thanks Barbara Ging

  53. Hi Mel. Thank you for taking the time to post all this very useful info on your blog and being kind enough to reply to questions. May I please ask if you have tried Centura Pearl Card? If not, do you think it needs to be cut on same settings as adorable scorable or less bade depth? Thank you so very much
    Crafty hugs, Beba

  54. Hi Mel. Thank you for taking the time to post all this very useful info on your blog and being kind enough to reply to questions. May I please ask if you have tried Centura Pearl Card? If not, do you think it needs to be cut on same settings as adorable scorable or less bade depth? Thank you so very much
    Crafty hugs, Beba

  55. Hi Mel, I sent in an e-mail to the 2pm show this afternoon, asking if the Brother ScanNCut would cut thin PlastiCard (also knows as Styrene) and thin brass sheets.

    You suggested that I message you here and then I could send you some samples for you to test on the ScanNCut. I look forward to the result as I am sure other ScanNcut users may find the results of use as well.

    My e-mail is:

    Many thanks

    Jim Hamilton

  56. Hi Mel I can't find the settings for funky foam i''m sure you mentioned it do I need any backing on it as well plz

  57. Hi Mel, or anyone else,please can you tell me what grunge board is? I have recorded nearly all the demo hours and the brother machine is now on its way. I understand that there is an update already and would like to know where to download it from. Thanks

  58. Hi Mel am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my ScanNCut-you have spoken a lot about doeflex and it looks exactly what I need but I can't seem to find anywhere to buy it. Can you help. Love your shows jan

  59. It's arrived!! It's GREAT!! Been playing all afternoon. I planned to make a valentines day card this afternoon for my husband, then it arrived.........needless to say no valentines day card just lots of different shapes cut from lots of didn't things! hee hee

  60. hi mel, will there be a bag for carrying the scan n cut as this would be good as i go to the caravan, quite a lot, and it would be nice if it had a custome sized bag for transporting it,

  61. Hi Tanya
    I put the blade depth on ten and pressure on one and cut. X

  62. Hi Mel - I have mine - so exciting, but so many questions coming up. The first question I have relates to cutting card - on the first attempt at blade setting 2 and pressure 0 it did not cut right through - now do I change the blade setting or the pressure?

  63. Hi Jackie
    Definitely the blade first please. X

  64. Hi Mel, I have received my Brother SnC and and slightly disappointed as it has yet to pick up all the lines in anything I scan. I have printed items, drawn items and even gone over the lines can you tell me if there is anything that could improve this or if Brother is going to put in an update that might make this better. I did watch loads of shows and knew that this was a possibility but I did not expect it to do it with most things. Any help would be appreciated. I do not want to return this but it seems silly to keep it if it really isn't going to do the job and obviously there is a time limit as to how long I can leave it.
    Love your shows and your enthusiasm.
    Kim Iles

  65. Hi Kim
    That's strange. Can I ask you to contact John through his blog please. Gentleman crafter. He has done far more scanning that no have so he will be better equipped to answer your question.
    Hope that's ok.
    Melanie x

  66. Hi Mel
    I've received my machine, and had a play around and am very pleased. I am having trouble welding words, but assume this will come with practice. Are there any words, letters that will not weld? Also when you go back to Brother for updates, could you suggest adding "Anniversary" into the words section, as I find this word difficult to get. Have watched and recorded some of your shows, you are a great presenter, and it was your shows that convinced me to buy one.

  67. Hi Mel
    Got my ScnNcut loved it for about 1hr the tip of my standard cut blade broke, so I haven't been able to use it for about 9days, cant get any standard cut replacement blades from C&C, do you know where I can buy any, loved all the shows you and John have done, many thanks. Sue xx

  68. Hi Mel. Loving my machine. Just a small problem I hope you can help with. I coloured an image which I scanned and sent to direct cut without a seam allowance so it would cut on the lines of the image, however part of the image has cut correctly (the underside) and the rest has cut approx 1-2mm above the line. I had to get my scissors and cut the white pieces off, which defeats the object of the machine. Any ideas?

  69. Hi Wendy
    Can you email me on please and give me your number. I can call you then and sort it out tomorrow.x

  70. Hi Mel

    Please can you help? Love the scan n cut but I have trouble cutting chipboard. I have followed your settings but still the chipboard won't cut cleanly. The chipboard is scuffing and it just looks a mess everything else I have cut has been brilliant.

    Thank you x

  71. Hi Mel, really enjoying my Scan and Cut but want the pens and pen holder. Would you know when C+C are having them back in stock. Seem strange that something we use every day would be so difficult to manufacture in greater numbers. Thanks for your support. Judith Evans

  72. Hi Mrs Evans
    Can you please check again today as I think a delivery was coming in. Been with Brother at the NEC this week and I am sure that's what they said x

  73. Hi Mel, My SNC arrived this week and having cut several items at the suggested settings and after getting a perfect "test" cut I am disappointed with the final cut of a pattern. It appears to "feather" the corners of sharp edges e.g the pattern "Happy Birthday" I have tried "Topsy Turvy" C&C Mirri card. C&C 250gsm plain white card Any suggestionsOne of the projects in the book (No 1) says to print off the names, scan in and cut with shape but how do you centre the shape when the screen is so small and you can't change anything when it's "magnified" HELP! before I give up on it and return it to C&C

  74. Hi mel hoping you can help me, I bought the brother scan n cut on the 10th of feb 2014 and it will not accept the high tack mat I have phoned create and craft customer services 5 times they say they will email brother to ring me but nothing
    anyway on the last time i phoned I asked to speak to the manager of the customer service and finally thought I had got somewhere as he said he would send me a new mat, got a parcel and in the box was high tack backing paper so back to square one please can you help val