Tuesday 21 February 2012

Great news!

Great news! I wanted you to be the first to know... Bramwell Crafts are now offering 4 of my favourite Sarah Kay stamps at a special discounted price!

Were £7.32 now only £6.00



Antoinette and Bessa go for a stroll - SK2009VC04

Marguerite taking Ruben for a walk - SK2009VC05

Heidi and Lulu strike a pose -



Cherié with her best friend Blondie - SK2009VC03

Marguerite taking Ruben for a walk - SK2009VC05

Here you can see I have used the same stamp to create two different cards.


  1. Hi Mel, I have the Maguerite and Rubensstamp and I love it. I have used it loads to make a card for a girl 10 upwards, they seem to love it. Might nip over and get another! Debbiexx

  2. I was thinking that too Debbie - great images for my teenage daughter's friends and my daughter loves dogs. I still haven't got any colouring pens though :-( I wonder actually if Bramwells have any sets which could get me started.... oh no, I spot a shopping experience but I'm off to make pancakes first, although if I get started on stamps and Copics, pancakes might be all I can afford to eat! :-)

  3. Hi Mel, I am having a struggle to decide what pens to colour with. I have promarkers at the moment but was thinking about getting some spectrum noirs and was wondering what you think as I know you will be honest. I also wondered about copics although dearer and where is the best place to buy them xxx

  4. Hi Mel,
    I popped over to Bramwells and unfortunately their discounted price of £7.00 is way over the price that I pay for them at other craft sites. But thank you for keeping us up to date with what is going on, you're a star.
    Have a fab day Linda

  5. hello to you all,i have these stamps,and they are great,have made cards with them more than once,and they are much apriciated. so if it is an offre go for it,i paid full price for mine when they came out.i am looking forwad to the new bo bunny papers,hope there out soon. love bluebell-flowerwood.

  6. Hi Linda

    I forwarded your comment onto Bramwell Crafts and they are going to lower the price again! They were £7.32 now £6.00. The discount will appear on the website from tomorrow. Hope this helps.
    Melanie xxx

  7. Hallo Mel,
    I have been trying to decide for ages now wether to buy a Cricut machine, I like the Black one on C/C and think the price is good, but as there seems to be a few new machines coming out that connect to the computer I was wondering if Cricut had any plans for any new machines.If I bought one would you think it better to get the expression for the larger card base or do you think the smaller machine is quite good enough for the small time crafter like me.

  8. Hello grantandlynn1360
    If you want a really honest answer... for me it HAS to be Copics. They do not get darker as you build up the colour so you use them differently tp promarkers. I have tried the spectrum noirs and I really wanted to like them because of the price point, but I found the ink flowed too quickly for me and I stuck to copics. As for where you can buy them from..... watch this space!!!! I will also be doing tutorials shortly on my blog.
    hope that helps
    melanie xxx

  9. Hi Uniqui, I just got my cricut before Christmas and it is the beige/green version of the create (same as black one). It is a fantastic machine and I use it a lot but now I wish I had gone for the bigger one as I scrapbook quite a bit and also for the 8x8 card frames/toppers. My only problem now is getting my library of cartridges built up - when money allows!! Go for it (in some form)

  10. If you want ot be able to get all the new updates then the E2 is the one to go for. It really depends if you are happy with the Cricut as it stands now or if you want it to grow with your crafting xxx