Friday 27 April 2012

Hello Crafters
Below are the pictures of the cards I did for the Bo Bunny/Stampavie show this week. I am back home now and getting ready for the next shows!!!!!
Have a great weekend and thank you for all your lovely comments.
Take care
Melanie xxx

Bo Bunny show samples

WDS759 Bear with Parasol
PEN79 Thoughtful Bunny
PEN66 Floating down the river
WDS765 Mouse and Poppy seads
PEN76 Sporty
WDS758 Bunny with butterflies
PEN61 A Cupboard full of surprises.
WDS760 Bear reading to Bunny
PEN65 Fairy Bear
WDS761 Bird on Dogwood branch

Thursday 26 April 2012

Finally lost the plot!

Oh how funny. I was sat in the green room finally having a sandwich and they came to tell me that they neede me to cover half an hour show as the sewing machine had sold out. It was all going well until we came to the pet shop cartridge and Genevieve and I just started giggling at the colours of the animals on the board.....if you have seen it you will know what I mean...and we both lost it. We had to go to a break as I had tears streaming down my face and she Gen was no help as she was in fits too.. Very funny though Back at seven Take care Melanie xxx

Four not Five

Hello crafters
Thank you for all your lovely messages. It is a becoming a bit of a blur and I am actually on at three with the cuttlebug and four with Cricut. I thought it was five.... Sorry.
Will catch up properly later.
Melanie xxx

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Hectic day!

Hello crafters Well I have just one more hour today and then I can get some sleep. I will have done seven hours today and then I have six tomorrow. There are two Cricut shows tomorrow and an hour of Hot off the Press so that will be fun. Thank you for your comments on the blog, they have helped me keep going. I hope you have enjoyed the shows today and tune in tomorrow for even more. Take care Melanie xxx

Three down nine to go!

Well that's theree shows down. Just grabbing a quick biscuit and then back off to do more. Thank you for all your lovely emails so far. Will catch up again later. I will also put pictures of all the samples on Friday when I get home. Love Melanie xxx

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Back to Peterborough!!!!!

Good morning crafters I feel like I have just got home and now I am off again. This time I have a Stampavie show, a Hot off the Press show and lots of Cuttlebug and Cricut cartridge shows. I have been working like a mad woman trying to get everything done! A very good friend of mine, Carol, has given me a lift doing the samples for the Hot off the Press show and she has done a fabulous job. My top tips for the shows are the paint pots on the Stampavie shows, plus all the NEW stamps of course and Bo Bunny fact everything is much for a top tip. Best buy on Hot off the Press are the CDs. I know I dont usually do CDs but these are amazing value. One is a compilation of shaped cards that you usually buy in books. You have all the art work and instructions for 100 cards and you can print them off over and over again. The other one is a fancy fold technique CD with lots of inspiration. I hope you enjoy the shows. Take care and thank you for tuning in and giving me your support. Love Melanie xxx

Saturday 21 April 2012

Really enjoyable.

Hello crafters Well, I really enjoyed my shows, especially the jewellery this morning. Thank you for your comments they inspire me so much. I am nearly home now, just stopped off for something to eat. When I get home it will be straight back to work as I have more shows next week with Stampavie and Hot off the Press and I also have ten hours on Wednesday and Thursday of cuttlebug and Cricut cartridges!!!!! No rest for the Wicked:) Take cAre Love Melanie xxx

Thursday 19 April 2012

Change of Channel and spread the word.

Hello crafters
My Stampavie show tomorrow will now be onCreate and Craft at 6pm and not Ideal World. I have posted the samples for the show below. Hope you like them. The show is full of brand new products including Sarah Kay stamps and My Little Shoe Box paper collections. This is a new range Alison and I found at CHA in January and it is very lovely.
Can you also spread the word for me that I am doing my first jewellery show on Saturday at 9am. I never really wanted to make jewellery before, but when you see the beads you will understand why I changed my mind. They are truly stunning!!!!
I have to say I am really looking forward to getting back to doing shows again. I have really missed it.
Take care
Melanie xxx
p.s Thank you all once again for all your support it has really meant a lot to

Show Samples

Box lid.

My Little Shoe box Aiko papers and rectangle blank box.
My little shoebox papers. Up in the trees. Designed by Carol.
Barbette sewing.
Winter warmth.
Babette cuddling kitty.
Tea please.
Susie ponders.
Bathtime and Alice in the morning
Writing to Grandma.

Monday 16 April 2012

Jesse james sneak peeks!!

Get ready For Jesse James beads arriving on your Create and Craft screen this Saturday at 9am.
Kits will include instructions of how these lovely designs have been created by Melanie.
Storm  239172 with ruby and jet pearls
Caliente coral - 239170 - with chain

Friday 13 April 2012

A new addiction!

Well crafters today I have discovered a new addiction! No, not chocolate! That's just part of daily life lol x
I have been asked to guest the Jesse James beads launch show and I have to say they are the only beads I have ever seen that have made me want to create my own jewellery.
They are absolutely stunning beads and I am really excited to bring them to create and craft.
If you are an avid jewellery maker than please tune in. I can't believe the value for money and the quality of the beads themselves
I have given the samples to Alison to photograph and I will put sneak peeks on soon
Have a fabulous weekend. I am teaching an advanced Copic class tomorrow and then prepping for next weeks shows on Sunday
Melanie xxx

Thursday 12 April 2012

Stampavie samples

Here are some sneak peaks of the Stampavie stamps I have been colouring in. I'll be bringing these to Create and Craft soon..





Create & Craft Show Dates

Today  I have been prepping for some upcoming shows on Ideal World/Create and Craft. My next show dates are as follows...

20th April - 6pm - Ideal World - MY LITTLE SHOE BOX
21st April - 9am - Create and Craft  - JESSE JAMES BEADS
25th April - 12 noon - Ideal World - STAMPAVIE & BOBUNNY
26th April - 10am - Create and Craft - HOT OFF THE PRESS

Hope to see you there,
Melanie xxx

Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter x

Hello crafty friends,
Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and eating lots of chocolate!! I am working in my new craft room. I have decided to move in to my Mum and Dads' house which is where I grew up until the age of twenty.
I am turning the dining room into my work space. It much easier to get in to than the attic!
I am working on my latest Cricut project for a class on Tuesday and I am using the Wrap it up cartridge. I wil put a picture and step by step instructions on when the classes are done.
back to it now.
have a great day
Love Melanie xxx

Monday 2 April 2012

projects from the retreat

Here are the projects from the retreat. I only completed two as I wanted to design them in my style rather than just copying from somebody else and it always takes much longer than I think it will. I am really pleased with them though and I hope you like them too.

New accessory to the blog

Hello crafters
You can now view some product demos on my blog by clicking on the video bar. For more videos please go onto You Tube and type in bramwellcrafts.
If there are any videos you would like us to make please let us know through the blog.
Enjoy xxx

A day in the office.

Good morning crafters
Well it's back to work after my retreat weekend. I will photograph my projects later and try to post them today although Amy Internet at home seems to have crashed.....see that's why I don't do technology!!!!!!!
I am spending the day in the office with Alison putting the April shows together and I will post the dates and times as soon as they are confirmed.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I met some great people on the retreat and it did me the world of good.
Take care
Love Melanie xxx

Sunday 1 April 2012

Time to go home :(

Good morning
Woke up to a frost this morning. I don't know, 82 degrees last week and now frost!
We have a final morning of crafting today before we set off back home.
I have to say it has been great to actually sit down and craft for two days without having to answer a phone or deal with paper work for Dad. I think it has given me a chance to really get creative. Some of the ladies have completed all the projects for the weekend... I however am still on the second. Maybe that's because I have to ink and doodle everything!!!!! I am really pleased with my TWO projects though, I will photograph them when I get home and post them tomorrow.
Have a good day
Melanie xxx