Wednesday 25 April 2012

Three down nine to go!

Well that's theree shows down. Just grabbing a quick biscuit and then back off to do more. Thank you for all your lovely emails so far. Will catch up again later. I will also put pictures of all the samples on Friday when I get home. Love Melanie xxx


  1. You are doing a great job Mel and you look gorgeous.
    I did love the "Paint tins" but they had gone by the time I ordered.
    My Niece has a baby on Sunday and I thought it would make a stunning pressy filled with baby goodies, must try and get one.
    Going to carry on watching you now!

  2. Great shows, Melanie, I too loved the paint tins but was not quick enough!
    Thanks for some great inspiration and supurb tips.

  3. Hi Mel WOW!!! you do luck well and you are doing a great job yet again just love your idears wish i lived near you so i could do a class or two.I have sky+ EVERYTHING xx D

  4. Loved the shows - you convinced me to get a Cuttlebug and all those folders - so now I'll be looking for inspiration here!

  5. I too missed out on the paint tins so will have to try again. Treated myself to the Cricut this week and just received the email saying it's been despatched. I can't wait for it to arrive. Will be watching your shows to get ideas. wish i lived nearer you so I could attend a workshop.
    Well done for all your shows today Sarah x

  6. Mel, I can't tell how fantastic it is to have you back on our screens, such a breath of fresh air!
    You are so enthusiastic about the things that you believe in and that is so reassuring.
    Thanks Mel for all you do and for sharing your inspiration with us all.
    Huge Crafty Hugs
    Sandra xxxx

  7. hi mel love all the shows i wish c&c have a classroom cricut show as i love to get more out of my bug and have a cart for each class room show please please can we have one xxx

  8. Hi Mel,

    I love watching you on Create and Craft, you have such fantastic ideas!
    I have a Cricut Personal Cutter which has unfortunately broken down. I've had it 16 months and only used it a handful of times. A little bird told me you used to fix the machines and so i wondered if you have any advice.
    It has no power to it whatsoever, not even the light comes on. I have tried my sisters lead and it doesn't work with that either. I have invested in another lead (not a Provo one as they are impossible to contact - no reply to emails and no UK contact number, USA never answer)and that has not worked either.
    I have tried the reset function but it does say to turn the machine on at the start. Obviously mine wouldn't, i tried the rest of the procedure several times but still no power.
    I'm wondering if you know any other tricks or if my machine is just dead :(
    Any help please.