Sunday 24 July 2011

A very exciting week ahead!

Hi Crafters
Thank you once again for all your support. I will be back on air this Wednesday with a fab Cuttlebug POTD.
Jinger will do the launch and the IW shows and I will be on C&C at 12pm and 3pm. So tune in it is a fab product.
I have to let you in on my other news too..... yesterday I brought a new addition into my family. His name is Pip and he is a beautiful puppy. If any of you remember the Sooty shows, then he looks just like Sweep. he is soooooo cute I will post a photo soon.

Will be back on air after Wednesday on the 17th August with HOTP, Stampavie Christmas and Jones Tones.

Hope you have a good week and let me know what you would like to see demo wise on the blog.

Take care

Melanie xxx

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Thank you

Hello All
I just wanted to thank everybody who watched the shows yesterday. i had some lovely emails and have responded to each person. I love doing shows like that and yesterday was particularly special as I got to talk about scrapbooking. I am on a mission to get all crafters out there to create at least one Memory Album in their lifetime to pass on th future generations of their families.

 I am going to be busy again over the next few days as I have more shows next Tuesday night and Wednesday so if you want to know what and hwen then join our email list for Bramwells newsletter by going to
Thanks again for all your support
Take care
Melanie xxx

Friday 8 July 2011

Cards I made with the Stampavie stamps..


Circle sizes for Ek Success Punches.

Here is a list of punches and the size of circle you need to cut with the EK Sucess Circle Scissor to create the doily effects.
I will do some more videos with these punches over the next week or so inbetween trips down to Ideal!!!

Regular Edger Punches

Dotted Scallop            5 3/16"
Diamond Lace            5 1/16"
Embossed Curve        6"
Moroccan Lace          5 13/16"
Snowflake                  4 3/4"
Scallop Diamond        5 1/16"
Acanthus Leaf            5 5/16"
Swiss Cheese             5 1/2"
Arrow Heart               5 1/4"
Arbor                         5 5/8"
Postage Stamp           5 1/4"
Stitched Zig-Zag        5 1/2"
Candles                     5 13/16"
Ribbon Slot               5 5/8"
Intertwined Arches    5 13/16"
Abstract Flower        5 7/16"
Pointed Flower         5 3/8"
Circles                      5 1/8"

Deep Edger Punches

Tulip                         5 1/2"
Palm                         5 5/16"  and 4 9/16"
Chinese Knot            5 1/2"
Floral Chain              6"
Medallion Chain        5 11/16"
Flower Burst             5 1/2"

If the punch you have is not listed please contact me and I will work it out for you. Please note though that some of the punches will not work around a circle.

Back in the Office at last!!!!

Hello everybody,
It seems like an age since I was in the office and able to update my Blog. I was down at Ideal World for eight days and had a great time. The Pick of the Week went really well and I just love the Cricut Imagine. It really is Fab! The other shows I did were great too. We had sell out on the Ek Success Punches, which is not surprisig as they are THE BEST PUNCHES on the market in my humble opinion.
I loved doing the samples for the Stampavie show. I must have spent about 75 hours the week before prepping the shows and I was really pleased with the finished result. As I type this they are being photographed and will on here later. If you have any questions about them then please contact me through the Blog.
Hot off the Press shows were like going back in time to the start of my obsession with paper. They were the first products I ever used for Scrapbooking and it was wonderful to go down memory lane. I have to say that the level of quality and instruction in their kits is truly amazing and I will be back on air with them this Tuesday 2-4pm.
I will also be doing another Jones Tones hour at 7pm. The response to the fabric paint was great and hopefully will get a regular slot on Create and Craft.
I am excited to tell you that the Heat and Bond, which is the product you need to put onto the back of your fabric to be able to cut it on your Cricut machines, will be back in stock and on the 7pm show on Tuesday.
I will also be back on air on the 20th and 21st with more shows for Bramwells and I also have more Cricut shows scheduled in so watch this space.

If you have any questions then please just ask. I have worked out how to use my new phone now so I will be able to update my Blog now whilst I am on the move... Not literally though.

Hope you all have a fab weekend

Take care
Melanie xxx