Friday 8 July 2011

Circle sizes for Ek Success Punches.

Here is a list of punches and the size of circle you need to cut with the EK Sucess Circle Scissor to create the doily effects.
I will do some more videos with these punches over the next week or so inbetween trips down to Ideal!!!

Regular Edger Punches

Dotted Scallop            5 3/16"
Diamond Lace            5 1/16"
Embossed Curve        6"
Moroccan Lace          5 13/16"
Snowflake                  4 3/4"
Scallop Diamond        5 1/16"
Acanthus Leaf            5 5/16"
Swiss Cheese             5 1/2"
Arrow Heart               5 1/4"
Arbor                         5 5/8"
Postage Stamp           5 1/4"
Stitched Zig-Zag        5 1/2"
Candles                     5 13/16"
Ribbon Slot               5 5/8"
Intertwined Arches    5 13/16"
Abstract Flower        5 7/16"
Pointed Flower         5 3/8"
Circles                      5 1/8"

Deep Edger Punches

Tulip                         5 1/2"
Palm                         5 5/16"  and 4 9/16"
Chinese Knot            5 1/2"
Floral Chain              6"
Medallion Chain        5 11/16"
Flower Burst             5 1/2"

If the punch you have is not listed please contact me and I will work it out for you. Please note though that some of the punches will not work around a circle.


  1. Hi Mel
    I do love all your hints and tips on your blog I am a follower now, I also watch all you fabulous demos when your on C&C.
    I have just today bought my first 3 EK Success punches got 3 for the price of 2 great deals anyhow!! I'm going on a bit.. was wondering if these punches work around a circle as they are not in your list,

    Regular Edger Daisy Chain
    Deep Edger Abstract Flower
    2 styles in 1 Medallion plate

    Thank you Mel for any help with this looking forward to seeing you again on C&C take care Hugs Sarah x

  2. Hi Mel
    I forgot to leave my blog addy for a reply it's my age lol ...
    Thanks again Hugs Sarah x