Wednesday 23 May 2012

Heads up on my top tips

Hello Just been in to studio to prep my 3pm show and I have just seen the Floral Embellished cartridge!!!! Wow! Is all I can say it is absolutely fabulous. damask decor is back in stock too. They are definitely coming home with me!!!!! Enjoy Melanie xxx

Tuesday 22 May 2012

What a beautiful day!

Hello my crafty friends Hooray! At last a bit of sunshine. I am just packing up my bags to go back down to Peterborough for more Cricut cartridge shows. I love doing these shows although it is very rather dangerous not leave me in the studio with all the cartridges as I end up spending far too much!!!!! After these shows I have a bit of a break and that will hopefully give me some time to start moving house rather than just playing at it. It will also give some time to do some tutorials, at last I hear you cry. I know, life has just been soooooo hectic recently I have been meeting myself coming back...... From Peterborough usually. I think my car knows its own way there now. Won't be off your screens for too long though and will be back later in June for more fun and crafting. I will probably blog more too! Take care Love Melanie xxx

Saturday 19 May 2012

Kaisercrafts Madame Boutique Samples

Bracket Frame

Stampavie and Bo Bunny Ambrosia Samples

SK201219 and SK201203


Wrap it Up Cricut candy Cottage

Country Cottage Candy Box.
Wrap it Up Cricut Cartridge.
3 x sheets 12 x 12 white card
3 x sheets 12 x 12 lilac card
5 x sheets 12 x 12 pink card
1 x sheet 12 x 12 yellow card
1 x sheet 12 x 12 pale blue card.
1 x sheet 12 x 12 pale green card.
1 x sheet 12 x 12 brown card.
3 x sheet 12 x 12 green card.
1 sheet acetate

NOTE:   My suggestion is that you cut the front of the houses first and then do the backs after. This way all your pieces are kept together.

If you want to press repeat last instead of the cottage four times on each section you can.

Step by Step.

1.      Place the white card on the mat. Set your pressure and blade depth to suit card. Press load mat. Set the size to 5 ½”. Press CndyCotg (page 28) four times. Press cut. Unload mat.

2.      Place the lilac card on the mat. Load mat. Press shift lock. Press CndyCotg four times. Press cut.  Unload mat. Remove Shift Lock.

3.      Put the pale pink card on the mat. Load mat. Press layer feature button. Press CndyCotg four times. Press cut. Unload mat.

4.      Put the pale green card on the mat. Load mat. Press shift lock. Press CndyCotg four times and cut. Unload mat.

5.      Put white card on the mat. Load mat. Make sure your shift lock is still on and press repeat last and cut. You should now have all the pieces for the four house fronts apart from the arched window frame. To create these you need to draw through the arched window on to white card four times. Then cut these out from the centre of each one. Then cut carefully around the outside of each arch slightly larger to make the frames.

6.      You then need to punch out eight small white flowers. Remove all fearures and shift lock.

7.      Put the lilac card on the mat. Load mat. Press CndyCotg four times and cut. Unload mat.

8.      Put white card on the mat. Load mat. Press shift lock, and CndyCotg four times and cut. Unload mat. Remove shift lock.

9.      Put the pale pink card on to the mat. Load mat. Press Layer. Press CndyCotg four times and cut. Unload mat. Remove layer.

10.   Put pale green card on the mat. Load mat. Press Shift lock, press layer and then CndyCotg four times and cut. Unload mat.

11.   You should now have all the pieces for the backs of the houses apart from the arched window frames. Repeat the process outlined in section 5 to create four lilac arched window frames.

12.   You now need to punch eight yellow flowers out.

13.   Place the brown card on to the mat. Load mat.   Set the size to 1 ¼”.   ( If you are working on the expression machine set the quantity to 20. If you are working on a create or an original cricut then manually press the required button 10 times and then repeat this again.)  Press Fence (page 45) and the amount, you will need 20 in total, and cut. Unload mat.

14.   Put the green card on your mat. Load mat. Press shift lock. Press layer (again you will need 20) and cut. Unload mat. You can now put your Cricut away

15.   To create the box you need two 9” square pieces of pale pink card. Score the first piece at 2 1/4" from each outside edge. Cut up the inner scorelines to where the scorelines intersect. cut from the outer corner, on the diagonal to the point of intersection. This should remove a triangle from each corner. Turn card over and put adhesive on the remaining triangular corner sections. glue these to the insides to create the box base. Take the second piece and score at just over 2 1/4" from each outer edge. this is going to be the lid and it fits together like a cake bow so the lid needs to fit INSIDE the base. Make sure that it is very small amount over 2 1/4" (not even a 1/16"). Cut away all four corner. Punch three of the edges of the lid and on the two side pieces measure back from the punched front 1 1/4" and then cut on the diagonal going up towards the punched front section on each size. Cut various coloured squares of your remaining card to decorate the lid of the box, starting with a 4” square and working down to a 2” square in ½” increments. Punch a 12” by 1 ½” strip along both long edges and attach to the outer sections of the lid as shown.

16.   Glue and ink and doodle all the pieces for the houses and then attach each one to a side of the box.

17.   Glue the grass to each fence section.

18.   Cut four strips of green card 12” long by 1” wide and measure in down the long edge at ¼” and score as shown.

19.   Attach five of the fences to the ¼” section of each green strip and then trim away any excess card from the ends. Lay these to one side to dry properly.

20.   Cut three squares from the green card. One at 6” square. The second at 7”square and the third at 8” square. Ink and dash each one around the outer edges.

21.   Put strong glue on the ¾” strips of the green card with the fences attached to them, making sure the glued edge is facing up so it can stick to the under side of the 7”green square. See picture. Repeat on all four sides.

22.   Stamp and cut out four trees on brown card. Stamp eight trees on to green card and just cut out the round sections. Stamp the tree again on to acetate using staz on. Cut these out but make sure you extend the trunk at the bottom so you have a piece of acetate to bend backwards as shown. Glue the brown section to the back of the acetate trees. Glue a round section on to the front and the back of each tree. Ink the edges and attach one to each corner of the fenced section. Glue the house to the 6”square. Then using foam pads attach this to the fenced square. The with foam pads attach that to the 8”square.

23.   Fill the box with sweets!!!!!!

Friday 18 May 2012

Copics at six

Hello Just to let you all know that there is a Copic show at six!!!!! Tune in for more hints and tips. Melanie xxx

Thursday 17 May 2012

top it all

Hello A lady has just posted a comment on my blog about a Cricut imagine. Her tag name is Top it All. For some reason my blog won't allow me to find our post so I can respond to it. I am hoping you will see this post and comment on here again so I can help you out. Other than that please emil in during one of my shows tomorrow and give the gallery permission to pass your email on to me then I can contact you directly. Thanks Melanie xxx

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Video Tutorials

Hello crafty friends Thank you for ll your support today. It means a lot. I will get tutorials on Copic as soon as I can. In the mean time you may lift to check out. Ilikemarkers. And try typing into you tube Copic tutorials. I will do them over the next few weeks so please check them out. Going to eat now!!!!! take care Love Melanie xxx

Change of plan

Hello Just to let you know that the 2pm show is now Copic on ideal World. The jewellery ha sheen postponed to later in the week. Thanks for all your comments Love Melanie xxxx

Ready and raring to go!!!!!

Good morning Are you ready for a day of fabulous crafty shows. I am soooooo exciter. I start with Kaiser, then Copic, Hot off the Press and Jesse James beads!!!, Hope you enjoy the shows. take care melaniexxx P.s would be great if you can give me your HONEST feedback on Copics please.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

It' show times folks!!!!!!!

Hello crafters Just wanted to update you all with my show times for the next three days. I am on air tomorrow at 9am with Kaisercraft 11am with Copic pens Ŷ 2pm with Jesse James Beads. 4pm with Hot off the Press. 6pm with Copic Pens. Theses shows will be on either Create and Craft or Ideal World so you will have to check it out. On Thursday I am on Create and Craft at 9am with Cricut Cartridges. 12pm with Stampavie and Bo Bunny. 3pm with Cuttlebug. 6pm with Cricut Cartridges. On Friday...... Are you exhausted yet? 9am with Hunkdory. 11am with cuttlebug 6pm with Cricut. Hope you enjoy the shows. Love Melanie xxx

Sunday 13 May 2012

How ridiculous!!!!,

Sorry crafters I must be tired.... I am not actually on until Wednesday. Going home now to get some sleep..... Obviously need it. Lol Love melanie xxxx

Roll on Tuesday!!!!!,

Hello Actually I don't know why I am wishing Tuesday would come as I have soooooo much work to do before then but I reall can't wait to bring copics to you. I know a lot of you are already using them and I hope you will enjoye the shows tool. Just literally got back from a very successful trip to Munich so now I am back off to work. Take care Enjoy Melanie xxx

Thursday 10 May 2012

Jesse James

Melanie is off to Germany this weekend and she's just getting her nails done!! So I am giving you a sneak peek at the lovely jewellery she has created with the fabulous Jesse James Beads. Mel presents the show at 9am on the 16th, followed by a day of great shows full of exciting product from Bramwell Crafts
Tune in for COPICS at 11am on the 16th!!

Sunday 6 May 2012

I am sooooooo excited

Hello I just wanted to tell you a little more about the pens I have been mentioning on my shows this weekend. They are Copics and I am sure some of you have already heard of them and maybe you are already aware of how good they are. For me personally they are the only alcohol based pens I would ever use. The blend that you get is second to none and I am soooooo excited to eventually be able to bring them to your screens. This also means that i can do tutorials on my blog as well as on tv. I will post the show dates as soon as the stock is confirmed. Take care Melanie xxx

Saturday 5 May 2012

Thank you x

Hello crafty friends Once again I want to thank you for your support and lovely comments. I have really enjoyed the shows over the past two days. I am heading back home tomorrow to starts prepping the next set of shows which include Kaisercraft, Hot off the Press, Stampavie and Bo bunny and Jesse James jewellery which feature three new sets. I am also off to Germany on Friday for three days to do Cricut on HSE24, so it is all a bit hectic!!!! Take care and enjoy the rest of your bank holiday. Love Melanie xxx

Friday 4 May 2012

What a start!!!!

Good morning crafters Thank you for all your lovely comments. The show this morning was really really busy. I don't think there are many stamps left though so demos will be fun!!!!! If you are thinking of getting any of the kits I would be quick as I think it will be busy all day Love Melanie xxx

Thursday 3 May 2012

Off again!!!

I am just about to set of the Peterborough again for tomorrows shows and I thought I would post the samples so you can see what is coming up. These are the ones I have done and there will be more on the show tomorrow from Ruth and the Hunkydory team.
The prices and offers are fantastic so make sure you tune in. I really enjoyed working with all the product and as usual it is great quality.
See you tomorrow.
Take care
Melanie xxx

Pictures of Hunkydory card samples...

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Everything is Hunkydory!!,

hello crafty friends Just thought I would give you a heads up on the shows I am guesting this weekend. I am doing Hunkydory... Not their usual offering, but shaped cards and rubber stamps all at AMAZING prices. I am loving the product and it is nice to work with the fab quality shaped cards. Think I will be using them a lot more. I am on on Friday at 9am, 2pm and 6pm and then on Saturday at 5pm and 7pm. So if you are not cruising and fancy a really goo deal then tune in. See you there Melanie xxx