Tuesday 22 May 2012

What a beautiful day!

Hello my crafty friends Hooray! At last a bit of sunshine. I am just packing up my bags to go back down to Peterborough for more Cricut cartridge shows. I love doing these shows although it is very rather dangerous not leave me in the studio with all the cartridges as I end up spending far too much!!!!! After these shows I have a bit of a break and that will hopefully give me some time to start moving house rather than just playing at it. It will also give some time to do some tutorials, at last I hear you cry. I know, life has just been soooooo hectic recently I have been meeting myself coming back...... From Peterborough usually. I think my car knows its own way there now. Won't be off your screens for too long though and will be back later in June for more fun and crafting. I will probably blog more too! Take care Love Melanie xxx


  1. Hi Mel - whoop whoop more Cricut!! I'll be watching. Hope the move goes well.
    Pam xx

  2. Hi Mel. Good luck with your move. I am a crafter in crisis , I have a cricut expression and it wont load automatically and if it is set on multicut it is not mirroring the previous cut, and its more than 3 years old,is there anywhere in the uk that can fix them,apologises for posting here but knew of no other way to contact you,please please as need to craft more,. Again I love your work and the chosen colours and appreciate you are busy at present but if any one else knows please advise Tina x

    1. Hi Tina
      I don't know where you can get it repaired. I would suggest you email a company called Kars. they are the European distributors and they may know somebody that repairs them. You could also email provocraft although I suspect they will charge you more in shipping etc than it would be to buy a news one!!!!
      Please let me know how you get on.
      Take care
      Melanie xxx

  3. Hi Mel
    we are a group of frustrated cricut users from Derby and wondered if you would come and do us a workshop of some sort !?? - same old story - all the gear - NO IDEA !!! we seriously underuse our cricuts and would love a workshop with you - cant find any contact info for you - it's like trying to get in touch with the queen - please reply - we are desperate to set something up
    Helen on behalf of the Derby Dollies !!xx

  4. Good luck with the house move Mel - I don't envy you that task but it'll be worth all the effort once you're settled in! Look forward to your shows, love the demos and giggles!!

    Take care

    Su (Soop)

  5. Looking forward to the shows Mel, although I can hear my bank card trembling in my purse x

  6. Good luck with the house move- are you staying in the same town or moving closer to Peterborough? I dont envy you- packing all the craft stuff - I wouldnt know where to start!! x

  7. Hi Mel Thanks for the info, just mailed Kars. Again good luck with the move x Tina

  8. Hi Mel, Just been looking at your blog and I saw your picture (SK201211). I have been trying to colour the same image and cant seem to get it looking right, can you tell me what Copic colours you use for this picture?.
    Thanks in anticipation.