Thursday 17 May 2012

top it all

Hello A lady has just posted a comment on my blog about a Cricut imagine. Her tag name is Top it All. For some reason my blog won't allow me to find our post so I can respond to it. I am hoping you will see this post and comment on here again so I can help you out. Other than that please emil in during one of my shows tomorrow and give the gallery permission to pass your email on to me then I can contact you directly. Thanks Melanie xxx


  1. Hi Melanie
    You are true inspiration, please will you let us see what classes you have planned for the next couple of months? Thanks

  2. hi mel was watching you with the copic pens and the colouring.i had a go and was pleased with the hair i did,thankyou for that. but when it came to the skin,it seems to just get to muddy. maby i need to have new colours. what did you use. my hubby sent a e mail while you was on with the cricut,we are having problems with half inct leters,as i was hoping to do table setting for wedding top table. we have had a new mat, new blade we was on fast like you say.4 preasure,5 blade depth. this was was was heavey paper. some did cut part some not at all.would like any advise if posiabble as we are nwe at this still. i have a cricutt exspretion 2. love your shows,look forward to more. nice you are grtting a craft room at bluebell-flowerwood.

  3. Hi Mel,
    Love to watch your shows with Cricut on C+C,you make it looks so easy, I have just bought a expression 2, 5th anniversary edition,from someone, the machine is fine, but just a couple of questions, if I can ask, I think the machine should have a cd with it, but the lady couldn't find it, is this an instructional cd, and could I get one from somewhere?, and having now used the machine,(which I am very impressed with it's ease of use)but I tried to cut a shape from pearlised paper, but some of the small bits were a little bit scrunched up, I used the right setting on screen, but I haven't changed the blade setting which was set at six when I got it, am I right in thinking this is too high?, I don't want to make a mess of it. finally, can I ask where you do your classes,as I live in West Yorkshire, do you teach any classes around this area,(it would be great to learn from the best) we never seem to get many craft classes around here, maybe once I get more experienced with my cricut, I will set up my own class, lol...thnx