Tuesday 27 January 2015


Hi guys,

Mum will be doing a brother Scan 'N' cut tutorial DVD on February 10th. I you guys can think of anything which you would like to see / would be useful for others to know please let us know this week s we can try to incorporate it.



Thursday 22 January 2015

Show Times

Hello my lovely crafty friends
Below are my show times for the Pick of the Week and also extras they have asked me to do.


Friday at 12pm, 3pm and 5pm
Saturday at 8am, 1pm and 5pm
Sunday at 10am, 4pm and 6pm
Monday at 3pm and 7pm
Tuesday at 12pm and 5pm
Wednesday at 1pm and 6pm
Thursday at 6pm
Friday at 9am

Also I will be doing Scanncut on
Thursday at 9am
Friday at 7pm

Also Little Darlings at
7pm on Thursday.......

And breathe!!!!,
Hope you can join me
Melanie xxx

Wednesday 21 January 2015




Friday 16 January 2015

Little darlings

Here the samples from Wednesday's little darlings show. Thought I would share. I used spectrum noir pens, aquas and a single 9b pencil. If you would like any colouring demos just ask and we will do a post on our up and coming YouTube channel :)

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Little Darlings

Hi Crafty friends
Well! After three 14 hour days and a LOT of colouring I have finally finished the samples for my Little Darlings show tomorrow at 1pm.
Please join me if you can to see demonstrations on colouring with various mediums including Spectrum Noirs, a single pencil and new Spectrum Aquas if time allows.
I will get Mattthew to post pictures of the finished samples before the weekend.
Off to Peterborough now.
Big hugs
Melanie xxxxx

Sunday 11 January 2015

A Helping hand

Hi all, please let us know anything you are struggling with on Scan N Cut, either on the machine or the computer and we will look into making tutorials, also keep an eye out for news on our youtube channel which will be making soon.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Sunday 4 January 2015

4 Day deal

Hi guys,

Here is a sneak peek of what will be on tomorrows show., the samples have been made using  they are cutting files from myscrapchick and the hearts are from birdscards. See you at 8am :)

Friday 2 January 2015

Hi all just to let you know as of the 1st of March our domain name will be changing to melanieheaton.blogspot.com

4 day deal show hours

Hi guys, here are my mums hours for the 4 day deal next week, don't miss out on a fantastic offers on the brother scanNcut.

Monday 5th Jan - 8am 1pm 6pm

Tuesday 6th - 9am 4pm 7pm

Wednesday 7th - 8am 2pm 7pm

Thursday 8th - 12pm 5pm

Tune in to meet 3 new members of the team Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.


Hi guys we have just added the option to share posts on the blog allowing you to re-post anything interesting you find onto your favorite social networking sites and share the knowledge.

You can also now follow me on twitter.  twitter.com/@heatonmelanie. keep your eyes peeled for some fun competitions coming up soon on the blog. :)

New Year, New Venture.

Hi Crafters,
 My name is Matthew. I am Melanie's son I will be setting up a tutorial section on the blog, Any questions or issues you come across which you are struggling with or you feel would be handy for others to know please feel free to email and we will endeavor to make a tutorial.  Our first question was from was from a lady who wanted to know how to link a welded word to the inside of an aperture. This has to be done in canvas. So here is our first tutorial, keep your eye out for more :)

Take a box or other chosen shape and position where you would like it on the mat.
Then add your chosen object and move this to the middle of your shape.
 Ensure the central object slightly overlaps the left and right r top and bottom edges of your outer shape.
This could be a pre-welded item or one you weld yourself.

Choose edit and select all. Then click the subtract button. This will remove and lines that overlap.

Now add your second border. With it selected choose edit - > order -> send to back.

You can now either position the object as seen above to create a frame with your chosen text inside it or stretch it to make a card.
Alternatively you can download the welded aperture without an outer frame and scan in a pre- made card. Then position the word frame to suit your project.

When you are happy with your image click on project -> download for Scan’N’Cut, or just click down.load on the side of your screen


Now follow the on screen instructions after inserting an appropriate USB stick in to your computer.

Load into your machine and away you go.
Happy cutting!

Machine tutorials coming soon! 

Importing SVG files into canvas

It seems a lot of people are having issues Importing SVG files into ScanNCut canvas. So here's a little guide on how to do this.

Firstly ensure that you have a program on your computer capable of opening .zip files, the one you choose is up to you.

Next you need to locate the SVG file you wish to use, you can either download these from a range of popular websites or you can create your own with a suitable program ( creating your own can be very complex).

Once the chosen file has downloaded, right click it and choose extract files... select where you would like your file to be extracted to (create a folder in your computer if this helps). Now open your new folder and find the .svg file

Choose where you would like this file to be placed ( create a folder in your computer titled SVG files if this helps) and click save.

Now go into Canvas and click the SVG button.

Click choose file and then select the relevant svg file from the location you saved it to.

This will add your chosen SVG file into Canvas allowing you to cut / draw or manipulate it.
once you are happy with your image insert your USB stick in to your computer and click download on the left hand side of your canvas page.
This will automatically convert it to the correct file format fr the scanncut.
Put the USB stick in to your machine and select Pattern, Saved data and USB.
Find the file and away you go.

Happy cutting :).

Thursday 1 January 2015


Good morning to you all. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Hope to share lots of creativity with you all in 2015.
Big hugs
Melanie xxx

P.s four day deal starts in Monday😉