Friday 2 January 2015

New Year, New Venture.

Hi Crafters,
 My name is Matthew. I am Melanie's son I will be setting up a tutorial section on the blog, Any questions or issues you come across which you are struggling with or you feel would be handy for others to know please feel free to email and we will endeavor to make a tutorial.  Our first question was from was from a lady who wanted to know how to link a welded word to the inside of an aperture. This has to be done in canvas. So here is our first tutorial, keep your eye out for more :)

Take a box or other chosen shape and position where you would like it on the mat.
Then add your chosen object and move this to the middle of your shape.
 Ensure the central object slightly overlaps the left and right r top and bottom edges of your outer shape.
This could be a pre-welded item or one you weld yourself.

Choose edit and select all. Then click the subtract button. This will remove and lines that overlap.

Now add your second border. With it selected choose edit - > order -> send to back.

You can now either position the object as seen above to create a frame with your chosen text inside it or stretch it to make a card.
Alternatively you can download the welded aperture without an outer frame and scan in a pre- made card. Then position the word frame to suit your project.

When you are happy with your image click on project -> download for Scan’N’Cut, or just click down.load on the side of your screen


Now follow the on screen instructions after inserting an appropriate USB stick in to your computer.

Load into your machine and away you go.
Happy cutting!

Machine tutorials coming soon! 


  1. Hi Matthew. Nice to meet you and thanks for helping us out. SueL x

  2. Pleased to meet you, Matthew. This is such a brilliant idea, thank you for the help!

  3. Hi guys, glad to be here to help and very excited about the new venture

  4. Welcome Matthew to the wonderful world of ScanNCut etc. We know you will be a big help to mum and her followers so in that respect a very big THANK YOU. Can't wait to see mum on Monday to see what she has in store for us.
    God bless xx

  5. Welcome Mathew, I would like to be one of the first to say thank you and of course mum (Mel) for introducing some tutorials to your blog I can assure you that they will be very much appreciated by everyone. I'm will be looking forward to seeing what other ideas the team at Brother will be introducing for the Scan n Cut in 2015, I have a feeling that there could be a few new bits and bobs - who knows ??

  6. Hi Mathew. I have been trying to down load from canvas since early Dec. I have windows 8. Your tutorial says download target as.... On mine it says save as. Open in new window etc. I'm pulling my hair out. Yesterday I went to a laptop with windows 7 it works as your tutorial. So is the canvas not comparable with windows 8 . my email is if you could help with this
    Thanks ann

  7. Hi mathew. Thankyou for your reply. You mention google chrome. Do i have to down load this to my computer. Also i managed to get an image into canvas but tried numeros times to down load to dongle but theres nothing comeing on the dongle. I dont think its the dongle as ive managed to get down loads from brother crafter and there on fine. Im very confused with all this. Im not able to use the machine to its full potential

  8. Hi Matt great idea. Welcome to the world of the Brother Scan N Cut it's fab. Jenny.