Friday 2 January 2015

4 day deal show hours

Hi guys, here are my mums hours for the 4 day deal next week, don't miss out on a fantastic offers on the brother scanNcut.

Monday 5th Jan - 8am 1pm 6pm

Tuesday 6th - 9am 4pm 7pm

Wednesday 7th - 8am 2pm 7pm

Thursday 8th - 12pm 5pm

Tune in to meet 3 new members of the team Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.


  1. Hi Mel and Matthew,

    Happy new year and good luck with your upcoming shows at C&C with the Brother Scan n Cut. I will be watching every episode avidly as I was luckily enough to get a machine for Christmas.

    I did know that I was getting one so I watched all of your shows in the run up to Christmas and did a lot of research on how to use the machine properly and I taught myself how to use the Brother Scan N Cut Canvas software too, however I have come up against a problem and was wondering if you could help me with it.

    Every time I load a larger file to Canvas (such as a box base and lid for example) the software reduces it to fit onto the 12 x 12 inch mat, but is it possible to turn and show the 12 x 24 inch mat to landscape? That way the software might not have to reduce the sizes.... If this is not possible, is there any other software where I can open such an SVG file and see what the actual sizes are supposed to be before I upload them on to Canvas?

    Thank you in advance and I hope everything goes well for you next week

    Jenny Penketh xx

    1. Hi Jenny. I don't honk you can set it to landscape as the machine is not wide enough. In this scenario you would really need something like adobe illustrator so you can gauge a size, it would also allow you to change your pattern into to separate files. One for the box and one for the lid which would allow you to maybe fit them on to your preferred size. If you want to send the file across I can always split it for you and give you the sizes. Just email the file to

    2. And I will have a look :)