Friday 4 May 2012

What a start!!!!

Good morning crafters Thank you for all your lovely comments. The show this morning was really really busy. I don't think there are many stamps left though so demos will be fun!!!!! If you are thinking of getting any of the kits I would be quick as I think it will be busy all day Love Melanie xxx


  1. hi mel,i got the small card kit. i am going to have a go at wedding staionary with them. not many blogers give ideas for wedding or aniversary get togethers. will be whatching at 2,not mush left for you. bluebell-flowerwood.

  2. Hi Mel, Great shows - Help please. What pens do you use for colouring in? Never done stamping so purchased stamps and a Cricut Stamp Holder as it looked like the one you used. Your cards always look so good. Ann

    1. Hi
      Personally I use Copics. I will be bringing them to C&C very soon. Also I will be doing lots of tutorials on my blog. They are more expensive than other pens but your get what you pay for.
      melanie xxx

    2. Thanks Mel, I will hold on for the pens and look forward to the tutorials. Ann

  3. Hi Mel,
    Throughly enjoyed your shows today and bought 2 of the gorgeous stamp sets plus on your advice I bought some of the Ink Me card - I usually just use ordinary 160gsm card from Staples. I'm looking forward to comparing the results. Thanks

  4. Hi Melanie,
    absolutely fab, loved the shows. Your tips are as always so inspiring.
    Hugs Linda x

  5. Hey Mel

    Your shows were awesome, your tips and techniques are great, what a busy busy day it was today and yip i blew the budget again!!

    I am excited about the copics, I currently use Promarkers and love them but I have an American friend who I was discussing copics with last week on Facebook and they sound fab!!

    Have a great weekend :o)

    Much love

    Amanda x

  6. Hello Mel
    What a lovely job you made of the Hunkydory kits, and stamps.
    I love what you did with the bird and the flowers !