Sunday 1 April 2012

Time to go home :(

Good morning
Woke up to a frost this morning. I don't know, 82 degrees last week and now frost!
We have a final morning of crafting today before we set off back home.
I have to say it has been great to actually sit down and craft for two days without having to answer a phone or deal with paper work for Dad. I think it has given me a chance to really get creative. Some of the ladies have completed all the projects for the weekend... I however am still on the second. Maybe that's because I have to ink and doodle everything!!!!! I am really pleased with my TWO projects though, I will photograph them when I get home and post them tomorrow.
Have a good day
Melanie xxx


  1. ooo Can't wait to see what you have created Mel. will pop by tomorrow to check them out xx hazel

  2. Good Morning Mel !
    The frost was to let us all know its still
    Spring !... not 'Summer' that we have had, for the last few weeks....Enjoy your final day's crafting Mel
    Looking forward to your pictures.
    Take care
    Love Marg

  3. Morning Mel
    Enjoy your last day of crafting. It will have done you a power of good to relax.
    Looking forward to seeing your creations.
    Love and hugs
    Margaret G

  4. i am glad you have had a good time, and really looking forward to seeing you soon on tv, it will get better, god bless . mags x