Thursday 20 September 2012

Class sample for Grosvenor House Class in Kendal on Thursday the 27th of September 2012

Hope you enjoy this sample. If you can make it to the class it would be lovely to see you. 
              I have used the Penny Johnson stamp from Stampavie. Code PEN18. You can buy it from Bramwell Crafts. Postage is FREE at te moment so check out the website. I have coloured it in Copics, C1, C3, C5, C7 and Black. the reds are R27, R29 and R59. I used Spellbinder dies to make the flower.


  1. Oh that is just lovely Mel! Love the grey and reds together. Can I ask a silly question? Did you stamp onto the shaped piece of card or did you cut the shape after you had stamped? I don't have any spellbinders but have a Cricut E2 so was wondering how I could easily achieve this look as far nicer than a square mat. Thanks Mel x

  2. Hi
    I would cut it first on the E2. It will be far easier to centralise your image that way.
    Melanie x

  3. Beautiful card Mel as always you are an inspiration. Please can say on the friday cricut demo at Preston is it all day or set time? Thank you + Best Wishes Bev x

  4. Hi Mel,

    I love the card and look forward to seeing you on Thursday and presumably they are the only colours I will need to bring.

  5. hi mel. yes i have this image,i will have a go with it. love bluebell-flowerwood.

  6. Wow That's just gorgeous. I am just getting my head around my cricut. create and loving the inspiration. Mel I have a question. is there a away to cut a shape when using a printed image from serif for instance to use as a topper. and get the cricut to cut in the right place? I am not a stamped but want to get a similar result. Thanks Sue

  7. Hi Sue
    No, you can't do that as the Cricut is cartridges based. Tune in for craft clinic tomorrow between eleven and one for. Stamping and colouring show... Yu never know you might decide to give it a go.
    Melanie xxx

    1. Hi Mel
      thanks. just thinking if the cartridge I have has the right shape I want to cut out and use to cut round printed text or image on my paper sheet can you line up the cricut create to cut it.

      Must try to get my head round stamping too :-)

  8. Hi
    I think the best way to do that is to cut the shape out of card and then use the negative shape as a template. In other words line up the card in to the top right hand corner of your mat. Cut the shape you want so you can see where it cuts. Then line up the printed text sheet in the same place and it should then cut in the correct place. Hoe that makes sense.x

  9. Thanks Mel...will give it a go...never thought of using the negative as a template...blonde or senile moment... not sure which lol!