Saturday 23 February 2013

Finally done it!!!!!!!!!

I think I am about to burst! I have finally done it and ordered one of every refill that Copic make......all 344 of them. They should be arriving on my doorstep within a week or so.
I really love my Copics but it was getting expensive to buy new pens every time one ran out so I decided this would be a MUCH CHEAPER way of doing it.
I am potentially thinking of  offering a refill service. It's just a thought at the moment but please let me know what you think.
It will make it much cheaper for Copic lovers who don't want to invest in refills but like the idea of using such fabulous pens.
Hope you have a good weekend.
Take care
Lots of love and hugs
Melanie xxxx


  1. I love my copics!! & have used them for quite sometime now, as yet not tried the refills, they are kind of difficult to sorce! So I would def be interested. Hugs Juls

  2. I have promarkers are they much different??

  3. Refil service sounds like agood idea :)

  4. Oh my word I get excited when I buy ten at a time :)
    jacqui x

  5. Oh Mel I love my copics and don't colour with anything else. A copic refil service would be fabulous.

    Linda xxx

  6. Wow, what an investment - I do envy you all those colours.

  7. Lucky lady! Enjoy!

    I think your refill service is a great idea for all those lucky Copics users!

    I am a Promarker user (unfortunately not the entire set - boo hoo!) I have been collecting these when I can afford them...wish I'd known about Copics before now!

    Happy crafting!

    Lara xxx

  8. What a great idea Melanie - I would definitely be interested and once out there I'm sure lots of others would be too.
    Vee xx

  9. Great idea Mel I would be interested for definate, please add me to your list (if you have one).