Sunday 15 December 2013

My New Brother!!!

Hello my crafty friends
Well, after a manic few weeks I now have some time at home. I am very excited to tell you all about a new member of my crafting arsenal.
I am fortunate to have been given the chance of demonstrating the brand new BROTHER SCAN AND CUT MACHINE which to be perfectly honest I have been playing with on and off for the last few weeks and is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
Finally I now have the chance to put it through its paces and create some fabulous finished projects to share with you all, and you just know I will get it to work really hard don't you?
The BROTHER SCAN AND CUT MACHINE will be exclusive to CREATE AND CRAFT and will be launched on the 11th of January and I can't wait. It does not need a computer to link to which is a HUGE plus for me. Just imagine being able to scan and cut in one machine. It takes away all the cutting time and gives you back more time for the fun crafty bit. You can weld on screen without the need for any additions and as for template cutting well..... Just fabulous.
It's also amazing for cutting out your stamped designs or indeed your own drawings!
I will keep you up to date with how I am getting on.
Any questions please feel free to ask although I don't know yet how much it will be.
Keep checking my blog to see sneak peeks of the future in electronic cutting.
Take care
Love and hugs
Melanie xxxxxx :)


  1. Sounds fab Mel. Is it like the "Great" Cricut machine?

  2. Hi Debbie
    I won't be getting rid of my cricuts and they will always be a big part of my crafting lifebut I have to say the brother is fabulous and of course you can scan which gives you a wider scope and means you are not limited to the designs on a cartridge. I love the fact that I can cut my own designs or copyright free images without the need for a computer and I think I will use both for different reasons but the BSC is fabulous. Xxx

  3. this sounds like a great addition to crafting

  4. looks good and im tempted is there a price for it yet or an estimate please

  5. Hi Chrissy
    I don't know the price. That's not within my duristiction!
    Will let you all know as soon as I do. Xxx

  6. Hi Mel

    Found your site after it was mentioned on John's blog. This machine looks very interesting, will just have to wait n see if its affordable for all the features. Can't wait to see the show.

    Please can you demo cutting mylar type stuff as I'd be interested in this for making stencils.

    If I have scanned in a 1" image can I ask the machine to cut it out larger than its original scanned size say 4" etc.Can in flip images, can it group separate images?

    Best wishes and Happy Crafty Christmas


  7. Hi Mel
    Love your work. Can I ask which pen you use on C & C to edge background papers with.
    Thanks Jane

  8. Hi Billie
    The answers are yes, yes and yes!!!!,
    How exciting.x

  9. Hi Jane
    Yes, I use a brown copic. Use the chisel end. X

  10. Have just come onto your blog after seeing the Brother machine. Will it cut scanned images from Craft Artist e.g I have the Hearts & Roses Christmas digikit and would like to cut the aperture part of a layout. And what about decoupage sheets from My Craft Studio??

  11. Hi Karen
    That's my mission to find out exactly what it will do. I have time over Christmas to out it through its paces and then I will come back to you.
    Have a good one
    Melanie xxx

  12. Have a merry Christmas Mel and a happy new year. Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration. Karen xxx

  13. Mel looks like another great machine! Have a merry Christmas and good new year. Michelle xx

  14. Oh Mel.... this sounds like it's going to be another 'must have'..
    something to look forward to in the New Year. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your playtime.

  15. Hi Mel just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014. Can't wait for the show on C&C on the 11th January hugs Pam xxx

  16. Is it going to be the red machine or the blue one.
    Hope it will be a good price as you can only get it on c/c
    Thanks mel. Happy new year.

  17. Hi Debbie
    It will be the blue machine. No idea on price yet but I suspect it will be on flexi.
    It is fab!

  18. Hi Mel. I have seen your shows and the ones with john and the machine looks good however I have a question please.
    If I scan a decoupage sheet will it cut the original I placed on the mat please ? Also if you stamp an image with memento ink scan it will it cut the original as obviously you need to have this ink to use with your alcohol pens otherwise it will bleed ?

    Thanks Mel you are the best


  19. Loving the shows Mel, both John and yourself are most informative. Mine is on order. Can I ask you, when in touch with Brother for suggestions that you ask if they can do the pens in a set of six black as well as the assorted. I rather think that we would end up with running out of that far faster than the other colours and could end up with a big box of other colours if we have to order the set each time we run out of black.

  20. Hi Mel, I'm a graphic design student and a crafter too. I've been watching the Brother Scan n Cut shows on C&C and I noticed it does a lot of the things that the Phoenix Silver Bullet (which is overpriced if you ask me) so the brother has caught my eye. Do you know if brother are going to add an embossing and etching feature to the scan n cut? I really want one of these machines and dont want to have to buy an embossing machine as well. Also, what thickness of acrylic can it cut?
    Thankyou for your help,