Tuesday 25 February 2014

Check this out!!!

Good evening crafty friends
Today I have been emailing a lovely lady who has bought a scan and cut and was having problems with it missing small areas when she was scanning in a design. She emailed brother and after a couple of days they responded with a solution, which I am pleased to say has worked.
Here is the solution in case you are having the same problem

You can specify the smallest object size to be converted on “Scan to Cut Data” function.
The objects smaller than this setting will be eliminated when converting, and the default values for this setting are 5mm.
This is explained in “Specifying “Delete Size”” section on P52 and P53 of operating manual.

Please change the value and it should find more areas within your scanned image.

I originally thought that this was useful for eliminating unwanted lines when you scanned in on a regular mat but now I really understand how valuable this can be.
Try it out!!!


  1. Thanks Mel - that should prompt us to read our manuals - that's what they're for.

  2. Thanks Mel will give it a try. Had seen the button but never gave it much thought as what it could do. As Eddie said just goes to show should read the manual we might pick up on these little things that make all the difference.

  3. Hello Mel, I actually haven't had this problem, as yet, but great to have his information to keep safe for future use. Thank you ver much for sharing this. You're a star! :-)