Tuesday 15 April 2014

Retreat fun.

Hello crafty friends
Thought you might like to see some quick pics from my latest retreat.
A fabulous group of like minded ladies all crafting for three days
They always go home with a fabulous project, good memories and new friends.
Here we are learning to make paper flowers.
I will post a picture of the project soon.
Hugs for now
Melanie xxx


  1. This looks fabulous, would love to join you sometime!! Hugs Juls

  2. Wow Mel looks fab. The building looks superb too. It looked a bit like Steven Park where I have crafted b4 wehn I saw the first photo, but realised it wasn't when I looked closer, such a nice place to craft in. debbiex

  3. Hi
    Running two more Christmas ones in October....you would be very welcome.xxxxxx

  4. Hi Melanie. Have been thinking of all the ladies making their fabulous flowers, can see some familiar faces, say 'hi' to them for me. Now I've seen the project I am even more excited about coming next week. See you then. SueL

  5. hi Mel how do we find out about your retreats i am new to this type of crafting but do many others i would love to come to one of your classes

  6. Hi,
    I posted the dates on my blog. Will repeat the pits later on today or tomorrow.x