Friday 30 May 2014

Given in!!

Hi crafty friends
Last week I sat in my hotel room wondering how I could let you all know about a show Create and Craft had added in to my schedule.
I came to the realisation that despite resisting for soooooo long I needed to join I have!
Not quite sure if I am doing it right as I really am not great with this sort of thing.....but you can now follow me on or at...@heatonmelanie.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Melanie P.S back in air at 9pm next Tuesday in Ideal World

P.p.s will tweet over the weekend:)..... Hopefully.x


  1. exciting ... I will be tuning in hugs Juls

  2. Hi Melanie. Don't do Twitter, only Facebook so hope you will still put details on your blog. Won't even be able to watch Tuesday as I will be away, bother. Hope it's something I don't want Any clues? SueL

  3. Hiya Mel I also hope you still put things on your blog because I don't do twitter either wouldn't know where to start although I do do computers been following your blog since my first retreat with you

  4. Hi
    Yes, I will still be posting on my blog:) :) xxxxxxxxxx

  5. I'm following!!! So glad you're doing twitter, you'll love it - it's such a great way to get quick messages to people eg when your shows are on etc, that way we never have to miss any. I Loved your sunday scrappers show, I won the pink page - I'll send you a pic when I've added my photo and journalling. I really hope you're going to be able to have a regular scrapbooking show.

  6. I don't do twitter - my elderly mobile isn't up to it - what's wrong with blogging! I come here every day, mostly to be disappointed that you haven't left anything new, though I do appreciate that you are a very busy person. Sorry I will miss your twittering, or whatever it's called.

  7. Hi Lesley
    I will continue to blog. Maybe you could re subscribe using your email address so you will get a message very time I post something...that way you wouldn't be wasting your time.
    Some days I simply don't have anything to post.
    Hope that makes it better for you