Sunday 21 June 2015

pick of the day

Hello my crafty friends
What a hectic Month June is turning out to be!!!!
A new grand daughter, a TODO launch and now a Pick of the Day on Tuesday and a tool shed on Sunday with a birthday party for Jack tomorrow!
Still it keeps me out of mischief.
Join me if you can for the POTD onTuesday.
It is a Brother  Scanncut Mega Bundle so if you have been holding back you may want to check this out.
Hopefully I will have a quieter few days the week after to make some new samples.
Fingers crossed.
Big hugs
Melanie xxx


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  2. Hope you have a great day of shows.... I'll be glued to the TV. ...enjoy the rest of the week.
    Luv Rach :)

  3. Help I can't get a clean cut with my brother scan n cut. I am using paper mill smooth white to cut the same rose pattern you use in your samples pressure2 blade10 and my blade keeps braking it is costing me a fortune.

    1. Hi Maria
      Can you email me please at
      There are a few things I want you to try.
      Melanie x

  4. Hello. Watched all the shows today and finally took the plunge and ordered the scan and cut. Excited for it to arrive so I can start playing! Any tips on using canvas or svg files?

  5. Watched the show at 5pm and heard you say about scanning in Crafters Companions dies to enlarge them .Great

  6. Hubby has paid for the scan n cut for me, cant wait for it to arrive. Which site do you use for the svg files?, some of the ones you had your fab and would love to use some of them on my projects.Keep up the good work just love watching you on tv.

  7. Hi Lin
    I am excited for you. I buy mine from myscrapchick and misskatecuttables and download free ones from Birds cards and Monica's creative room.

  8. Hi Mel, congrats on your new arrival!! I bought the Brother Scan n Cut last November and haven't really had the chance to use it much due to time constraints. I found Monica's Creative Room some time ago (the woman is brilliant!!!) and downloaded a few files to try out. When I downloaded them into canvas some of the cut out areas are not cut out. The lines are there but the 'waste' is as well. Is there a quick way to cut them out? I can't think of any other way but to print them off, draw round the lines and then scan them. I would appreciate any ideas you may have as I want to use some of the designs to make christmas card bases. Many thanks Mel, I tape every BSNC show I can find on C&C to refer back to.

  9. congratulations on the birth of your beautiful gran daughter, we are expecting our first in Nov and i cant wait !!!
    on tuesday you mentioned foiling items cut on Brian, could you please explain how to do this, are they cut from thin metal , paper or an other medium. I have so many ideas going through my head just now with the possibility of combining both machines....must think of a name for my TODO... something Spanish i think. many many thanks in advance

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  11. Dear Mel. I am devastated please tell me she's wrong.
    My friend has just told me she read on John bloodworths
    page that they are bringing out a BROTHER SCAN N Cut 2
    that will scan the 24inch mat and pick up lighter colours
    when scanning.
    I was led to believe this wouldnt happen we would just get
    If this is true I feel really cheated Mel I hope it's not.
    I love my BSNC and use it most days but this has really
    got to me.
    Much love Jan Main x

    1. Hi Jan
      I will speak to Brother and get back to you.
      All I know is that there is a video on a Canadian Facebook

    2. Thanks mel for getting back to me. Id also heard about something on a Canadian website. Thank you so much jan xxx

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. i to hope that they are going to keep their word to you one of the biggest selling points has been about not bringing out a new machine just upgrades i just hope it does not tarnish your good name as lots of people bought it because of what you told them on air and trust and belive what you say about a product ,something like this can make people doubt your word and its only 18 months since it came to air also makes you think that C&C might know that there is a a new machine on its way as they have not had it on air for a while shame on brother if they have lied to you Mel as you have a great reputation for honesty and believing what you say big love marc

  13. Very nice information regarding this TODO launch event. My daughter also attended a launch event last week at some domestic Los Angeles event venues. Actually she wants to become an event coordinator so prefers attending such events to get professional ideas for her career.

  14. hi Melanie, I have ordered the scanNcut, i was wondering if I can add the files i have for my silhouette portrait and use them on the scanNcut and if so how do i do this, cannot wait for this to arrive xx

  15. Hi Mel you should try this glue out it works really well

  16. Hi Mel,Please can you help,a friend has just bought the scanncut 700,but sheis 89 years old and not good with computers,so could you tell me what kind os usb sheneeds to enable the machine to cut svg files as she has bought crafting craftorium products for it. I hope you can help.Love your attitude to craft and really enjoy your demos.Also are there any workshops lancashire area for the scanncut Regards Barbara D

  17. Hi Mel . I'm screaming in my head .I am trying to cut out a Debbie Moore page from her USB and I just cannot cut it out with the scan and cut . MEL can you please HELP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

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