Wednesday 23 November 2011

Friend (cricut) Card

 Step by step instructions

1.     Place red card on your mat. Set the size at 31/2”. Press the Flower 4 button. Press cut.

2.     Leaving the red card on the mat, apply the layer feature button, press shift and flower 4 and cut.
3.     Place pink card on your mat. Press shift and flower 4 and cut.
4.     Put white card on your mat. Apply the layer feature button. Press flower 4 and cut. Set all your pieces to one side.
5.     Put the darker shade of green card on the mat. Set Fit to length application. Set the dial size at 41/2”. Press the Vine 1 button and cut.
6.     Put the paler green card on your mat press the shift button and Vine 1 and cut. Place these to one side. Remove fit to length.
7.     With the dial size set at 41/2”,put the darker green card on your mat. Apply the border feature button. Press shift and tree1 and cut. Repeat this wth th lighter green card.
8.     Place the lighter pink card on a mat and set the size dial to 61/2”Press the shadow feature button. Press the Doily 1 button and cut.
9.     Place the red card on to your mat and set the dial size at 11/2”. Press the Font feature and shift and F and cut.
10.            Remove the shift button if necessary. Press riend and cut. Press the layer feature, shift and Filigre 1. Cut.
11.            Create a 6” x 12” card and score in half, Build up all your individual pieces and make card .

Happy Crafting,
Love Melanie xxx


  1. Stunning Card Mel,thanks for the tutorial x
    Sandra x

  2. this is gorgeous Mel. Which cartridge did you use - or is it still the Cindy Lou?


    Paula x x x

  3. How fresh and clean looking. A really girly card. Best Wishes Linda

  4. HI mel, I can find instructions for the older cards but not for the new ones, can anyone let me know what I an either doing or not doing wrong, love your cards, I am one of the Cricut users who put hers away and said its too complicated!!!!!