Wednesday 25 July 2012

Change of plan!!!!,

Hello For all the crafters that tuned in to see Stampavie, I am sorry, the show was changed at the last minute! I will post pictures of all the samples on my blog when I get home on Friday. I am sure they will fit the show in at some point but I would like you to see what I have created. Great price on the Cricut though I must say. Take care and don't forget Hot off the Press tomorrow at eleven...... Hopefully x Love Melanie xxxx


  1. Oh Mel how awful for you.
    Must admit C&C do this quite often, you tune in for a show and NO! It's been cancelled. I know they sometimes have to do it, but it's not fair on us or you, and all your hard work with samples too.
    Best wishes. Debbiex

  2. HI Mel
    I was watching your cricut show when you said that E.2.
    has an update I did it but the screen has altered I do
    not know if this is correct. it is now showing on front
    screen the new icon a blade+2discs.and the cut blade but these
    are now in grey. and will only change when you load the paper and the screen that came up when sending it to cut
    i.e. paper change ect is now coming on the front sceen
    but much smaller. also the 2 image screen that has auto
    fill etc they are all grey and cannot be changed untill
    you load paper. As I right this it sounds confused (not as much as me) so when you have updated yours can you let
    me know if all is correct or do I need to recalibrate?
    still new to cricut.
    Thanks Mel
    it will only change when you now load paper also to ready

  3. Hello Mel
    I don't have the Cricut but tuned in try again today fingers crossed !
    love Marg

  4. Hi Mel,

    I had to come and join your blog today as I was watching your show last night and completey inspired. So much so that I bought the cricut - it really was too good a deal to miss! It was still quite a lot of money for me though, so I have promised myself I will make the most of it - but I'm really not sure where to start... could you recommend some good websites/blogs for instructions and hints for the cricut beginner?

    Best Wishes, Emma

  5. Hi
    I am back on air with the Cricut at five and seven tonight. Press record and I will try to get as much info out there as possible.
    If you need any demos doing please just let me know.
    Melanie xxx

  6. Hi Mel

    You promised us some Scrapbooking on C&C some time ago, what happened? I religiously look on C&C weekly to see if there is a show coming up - but no - nothing. I find you one of the most exciting of Crafters to watch you are so inspiring particularly in Scrapbooking, you and Dawn Wheeler are two not to be missed. I know Dawn is not a scrapbooker as such but she is good to watch. You should have your own show on Scrapbooking, bit like Barbara Gray has the stamping - Rosemarie Merry is just so boring, boring, boring, I have to switch off. Any news regarding the Scrapbooking Shows etc., ????

  7. I bought the Cricut from C&C an excellent deal but when I tried using it, it will not cut cleanly. On the same setting and paper the first two shapes are ripped, then it does not cut at all and then on the 5th or 6th cut it is clean. I am using good quality paper and following the instructions in the manual. I have tried using other settings but whatever I use the result is the same. Can you help me please. I have also asked C & C for help in an email. I hope this can be resolved as I do not want to have to send it back.


  8. Hi Maureen
    First of all I want you to put the speed, pressure and blade depth on full. Then try cutting mirri card. If it does not cut, then change the blade and try again. Sometimes the blade in the machine is a bit dodgy.
    Let me know from there how you get on.

  9. Thank you Mel
    I have done as you suggested and it cut the mirri card ok. I then used some of the paper I have and it was not too bad. Not brilliant but usable. Should I keep these settings for most of my cardstock paper. I scrapbook mainly and the paper I use is usually double sided so is heavyweight. Also should I get a replacement blade anyway, and where would I get one.Thank you for taking the time to help.

  10. Hi Mel
    i recently got a cricut, and haven't stopped using it, i would like to know where i can get new cutting mats and blades as i have been cutting everything and i have worn them both out in a very short time
    many thanks
    maryann sayer

    1. How fantastic! Try Inspirationsmin Preston 01772 880852. They usually have a good stock and they mail order.
      Melanie xxx