Wednesday 11 July 2012

Pagoda Cricut cartridge Class


  1. Hi Mel! It's official, i'm a follower :o) . Really easy to follow as i just set up a twitter account first and can sign in through that.

    Blog is looking fab! Remember your labels though. If you add 'cricut' and 'samples' to your tags we can all find the inspiration really fast though the side labels bar ;)

    Hope your ok! Keep up the good work

    Mary B xxx

  2. hi mel,i am so disappointed with my criccitt,every time i go to ues it,it has been with fine cutting bits,my last 2 things was a alphabet,and a2 and a half inch paper lace pattern for the tops of jam jars. me and hubby have tried every thing even down to new mat and blade. we have whatched you on the teli and kept the recordings,to whatch back. the paper is cut but trying to get it off the mat is just not possiable,so it goes in the bin.any advice would be welcome when you have time,love bluebell-flowerwood.

    1. Hello
      It sounds like either your mat is too sticky to your paper is too thin. If it is a thin paper then use an old mat which has lost a lot of its stickiness. Or if you are using a new mat just gently lay it on top of the mat rather than pressing it down.
      Let me know how you get on.