Wednesday 28 November 2012

Hello Sunshine Samples


  1. Like the last card sentiment says - 'There is no none like you' for use of colour - these are superb!
    I'm busy making one of your flower shoppe cartridge wreaths. My original reason for visiting today, was to see if I can find a tutorial on how to do the fancy bow we did on it but if you know that there isn't one, would you be able to point me in the direction of a video or other tutorial please, as they're gorgeous? I've bought 8 wicker wreaths and I'm like a factory worked rolling these out for presents :-)

  2. hi mel,lovely cards. sorry about your craft room delay. i hope you are not in a flood area. any news when you wll be on create and craft. you are missed,but i am sure you have plenty to do at home. what about the new cricut thats out. i still like myexspretion 2. we got over the paper battle i was useing the wrong paper. i dont now if you ever got the card i sent you some time ago. love bluebell-flowerwood.

  3. These are beautiful. Caroline xxx

  4. Hi Mel, sorry to hear your craft room hasn't been started yet but, I must say ...... you make great cards on the dining room table !!! lol You colour choices and style is unique so, please, don't ever change ! Hope you're on C&C soon.

    Hugs, Allex

  5. Hi Melanie. I just love your cards. Wish I could be more bold with colours, but perhaps after next April I will be able to!! I have been practising with the Copics I bought at Stoke, may need the other set though. Sorry to hear about your foundations, I thought you may have got them dug and laid before the rain set in. Keeping everything crossed for you.
    Sue L x

  6. Hi Mel, Love all your cards, your use of colours is so clever, I rarely finish a card without faux stitching, it adds that finishing touch. Im thinking of starting to invest in copics (I have pro-markers), but there are two sorts, the round or the square, which ones do you recommend? Thanks for all your inspiration. Hope your craft room wont be too long, I know what its like when we had our extension, will be worth it in the end.

    Thanks alot Jean x

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  8. Hi Mel, love the colour scheme. I can see a circus theme in this colour way.
    Reading your comments about your new craft room reminds me of when our garage was converted into a work room[lots of dust and rubble, but well worth it in the end].

    Just a quick question - I am having difficulty in purchasing a USB cable for my Cricut create machine any sugestions? [UK machine purchased from C & C]
    Regards Jayne

  9. Hi Jayne
    You need a A/B USB lead. It is the same one you use for a printer.
    Melanie x

    1. Wow thanks Mel, don't think I'll be going to bed yet!!!

  10. Hi Mel
    I have a big problem with my cricut machine, i logged onto the cricut craft room today, and was asked to update my machine i followed all the instructions as requested and it just wont update and now i can't get my machine to work .....Please help me .... i'm lost without it
    thanks Gail

  11. Hi Gail
    I want you to email They are the techy guys and are really good. I am sure they will sort it for you.
    Let me know how you get on at
    Take care
    Melanie xxx

  12. Thank you Melanie
    i have just done it, keeping my fingers crossed they can help me xx

  13. these are lovely!! cant wait for my papers to arrive! Hugs Juls