Sunday 18 November 2012

What a beautiful day!

Just getting ready for another day of colouring in. I am demoing in our sale shop in Stoke again today. Yesterday was great. It is always really lovely to meet you all.
This week I am at home!!!!!For the first time this month!
Even Pip thinks I have moved out for good!
I need you all to keep your fingers crossed for me this week. If the rain stays away the digger man is coming to dig the foundations for my craft room on Tursday!!!!!!Hoorah!!!!!! Keep everything crossed for dry weather. Working in the dining room is starting to drive me up the wall.....well it would if I could actually see the walls or even the floor for that matter!!!!
I will post the projects this week from the retreat so keep checking the blog.
Have a great day.
See you all soon
 Melanie xxxx


  1. Oh Mel hope all goes well and the foundation will be started. Not sure the weather will be ok for you, but fingers crossed.
    You will just love having your own room. I have my old dining room and it is full. But I like the way all my big craft items (cricut machine, big shot, printer etc) are all out on worktops, not put away, so whenever I want to use something it's easy.
    Take care and have a nice day. Will look out for the retreat photo's. Would have loved to have joined you, but cash flow not good at the mo! Maybe next time.

  2. Hello Mel
    This year I had to wait for the RAIN! to stop to have my roof replaced, it had a hole in from the snow last year cracking the shell of the tiles on the back of the house. so I feel for you waiting, and waiting! This will be wonderful when its done, lets hope its soon! I ordered my 1st Copics last week, ( the grey ones! still waiting for delivery though!) after watching you with Dean, he's so funny.
    Love Marg

  3. Hi Mel,
    What a day it was yesterday in Stoke! It was lovely to meet you and see your gorgeous samples in the flesh. Pity you were perched up so high with nowhere for us to sit and watch you but we put our requests in to management.
    Only really came to watch you but couldn't resist the unbelievable sale bargains, especially the Martha Stewart punches for a fiver.
    Hope you're back in Stoke soon and good luck with your foundations.
    Carol C xx

  4. Morning Mel, lovely bright day here but boy is it chilly. Fingers crossed that it stays dry this week so the foundations get done for you.

    I have all of my Copic Ciao's now and started my collection of Sketchies. :)

    When are you next doing a Copic class in Preston? Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Linda xxx

  5. Hope you get your craft room started soon. I love watching your demos on tv : )

  6. Hi Mel, I wonder whether you can help with this for a friend of mine? She is looking for a machine to cut A4 letters out of fabric. She is thinking of the Cricut expression but is this the best machine for her or is there something more suitable for her use? Thanks. My email address is

  7. Hi mel, just to say what a brill day last sat. Enjoyed meeting you and what a brill event. Don't get much like that in stoke so it was lovely to get bargins and meet a crafting hero, luv kagsy x

  8. Hi Mel
    I have no idea how to contact you other than commenting on your blog - you always sound so helpful to others! I baught a cricut personal cutter and i occasionally (rarely) have success and I am getting more and more frustrated... In particular I am getting nowhere with core'dinations! I had to change the original machine because it just stopped working and I have had limited time to try the replacement but have sat down and tried different pressure depth and speed settings and cannot seem to even cut a plain shape! Very frustrated!

  9. Hi Helen
    I want you to put blade depth, pressure and speed on full and try cutting. If that does not cut well then I want you to put a new blade in. I know that sounds mad as you have hardly used it, but sometimes they have an inferior blade in.
    Let me know if that works.
    Take care
    Melanie x

  10. Hi Mel,
    I am contemplating buying myself some copics but I am unsure which ones to buy first. One of the boxes of 72 looks to give best value. However, I am unsure which one to get, A or B. Can I ask what you would choose?
    I enjoy watching C&C when you are on, I always learn something.
    Thank you for any help you can offer.

  11. Thanks mel
    I will try and be back in touch!