Wednesday 30 January 2013

Who Knew?

Hello my crafty friends,
Last weekend I ran a Cricut Class in preston and use the Groovy Times cartridge. It has lots of very 1960's Austin Powers type designs but I wanted to make something comppletely different with it. Something that maybe you wouldnt have thought could have been done with such a specific cartridge.
I have posted the instructions below.
P.S it is very important that you keep the flower shapes in seperate pile according to the instructions, otherwise it is difficult to know which goes with which.


  1. hi mel what a lovely card. any news on you staturated cannary shos on create and craft. hope to get to know soon. love bluebell-flowerwood.

  2. Hi Mel what another absolutely fabulous card! See you in May xx

  3. Hi Melanie. Lovely card, my cartridge arrives tomorrow!! Hope we make something like this when I see you in April. SueL