Sunday 10 March 2013

My inspiration

I don't often talk about personal things on my blog but I wanted to share a story with you.I have a very dear friend called Lynne who I met about ten years ago through my Scrapbooking classes.
Lynne had a stroke which left here wheel chair bound.
She is my inspiration. Despite her many health issues she is the strongest, most determined woman I have ever met.
This year she is trying to raise funds for local charities.  Local to us both is Pendle Hill which is well known in our area for the Pendle Witches. Lynne has decided that she would like to go up Pendle Hill, which as you can imagine in a wheel chair is quite a challenge!!!!! Still that won't stop her. As far as we know she will be the first person to go up Pendle in a wheel chair.
However it doesn't stop there....... She was told that she could get up there but couldn't get back down in her chair so she has decided that she will hand glide down instead!!!!!!!
If you would like to sponsor Lynne or even just send her a message of support then please check out
I will let you know how she gets on and no doubt you will see lots of pictures used in my Scrapbook pages.
Have a good week
Lots of love and hugs
Melanie xxx


  1. Hi darling, first of all i want to say a very public "thank you" for your more than generous donation, i really do appreciate it, you know i do xxxxx

    secondly can you alter the address? you have posted it wrong, (dont panic, you have just missed out a "g")

    it is

    and thirdly i love my darling Isobells page l/o its fabulous - well it has to be, you did it :)

    loads of love always Lynne xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. I have changed it!!!!! If I had a brain.........
    Love and hugs

  4. So I have a question to ask u? What kind or type of marker work best on rubber stamps ? An where can I find them at ?.I live in USA ,JAcksonville,Fl

  5. Hi Mo
    I use the Tim Holtz distress pens work really well on rubber stamps. You can be specific with colour and it cleans off really easily. You can find them online. X

  6. Hello Lynne dear-o-dear what a brave thing to attempt going up that is- are you sure about part two getting back down? there are therapists avaiable you know, jesting of cause I am so impressed but will not be joining you from my wheelchair "Onwards and upwards"
    I hope your fund raising makes lots of money for your charity.
    Mel does know me HONEST Anne x

  7. Hi Anne, well not too sure about the brave, definatly need my bumps reading as Mel will vouch for that! (careful what you say Melanie, :) ) Well onwards and upwards, dont you mean onwards, upwards, and down like an excocet missile ha ha ha.

    thank you for the lovely comment Anne, and for those on here who have sponsored me and are thinking of sponsering me THANK YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx