Wednesday 29 May 2013

All of the entries for my first Blog challenge (Part 3)

Even more wonderful entries by you :)

 Margaret Rickard

 Petrina Newell

Finally that is all of them!! Every last entry has been absolutely amazing! I can't thank all of you enough for taking part :)

Love Mel xxx


  1. Hello Mel Love to see all the cards the ladies have made BUT I need to ask you a question I got the Martha Stewart nature kit off C/C and I should have took heed from you and ordered more white clay but hay ho not me now I need some but C/C are out of stock but I see they have HEARTY clay and I was wondering will this work with M/S coloured clay love the product had DAS before but find it far to heavy for card making
    Love and hugs
    Pauline B

  2. Wow some beautiful entries to your challenge no wonder you struggled picking a winner.

    Kelly x

  3. Hi Mel,
    I wondered if you would be able to help me with a problem I am having with my cricut expression. It is nearly 2 years old but has been lightly used. And have a problem that has been gradually worse. It is cutting wonky, the start and finish lines dont meet leaving the shape unsymmetrical and with a little tail/flap. When cutting some images the left side always cuts thinner and the right side thicker again giving a disorted image. I have tried the reset which involves moving dials uo and down, and also contacted provo craft isupport who was extremly unhelpfull. Just suggested new mats and blades, when i told them I had already done this they just emailed back saying a new machine was required. No trouble shooting or anything!! I have also scoured the internet but still :-( no solution, although did find several people asking them same question so must be a common issue. I am greatly disappointed as i saved for some time for this machine and then again saved to buy some cartrdiges and fell pregnant so machine has been rarely used. Now I want to start using it the image quality is just very poor. SORRY for the long post but you are my last hope.