Tuesday 21 May 2013

Tools of the Trade

Hi crafty friends
Just to let you know that there has been a last minute Pick of the Day slotted in tomorrow.
It will feature the EK and Martha Stewart punches as well as some other favourite tools.
Hope you can join us on Ideal World at 9pm.
See you there
Love and hugs
Melanie xxxxxxx


  1. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Would love all the information on the modern cube punch. Have bought it but have spent ages trying to match up all the corners etc. Please please post the sizes for all the patterns shown on the show. Loving your work Mel x

  3. Hi Mel, I was just wondering if you have any advice for an avid crafter who is desperate to make a career out of it...i just't don't know where to start! I'm sure you are very busy and get this a lot...sorry to be a pest, but any info/advice would be a great help. you're amazing at what you do!