Thursday 16 January 2014


Hello my crafty friends
Thought I would post some pictures from CHA.

These are from the Aircraft stand.

This was the view from the stage.

Will post more tonight alongwith show times

Bye for now. Xxxx


  1. Oh, I love all those boxes! They remind me of some old Ikea ones I have. I wish I'd been able to wander past all those stands. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Hi Mel. Just wanted to say that I really I enjoyed your CHA shows. My TV broke back in October and I didnt get a new one til the Boxing Day Sales - it was a self test that I nearly failed because I was craving C&C tv!! Now you've got me busy saving up now for some circular punches - so many possibilities.

    Im going to try your 3inch card challenge - I had fun last year trying 8x8inch cards, but I think you're right, its time to go back to basics. Should be fun.

    I also want to give scrapbooking a try for the first time. I saw some Smash Books in a store recently and they looked quite inspiring. Have you seen them? Would you recommend them or something else for a complete beginner?

    Have a great 2014 xx Emma