Wednesday 25 June 2014

One day W onder

Tomorrow I am doing the One Day Wonder with the BSC. Tune in for lots of demos and brand new samples....
Sneak peek below.x


  1. Hoorah, very pleased to see you back with SnC. Recorder dutifully set.

  2. Hi. Just watched your first show but will be recording the rest to watch later as I'm out for the day. Will give me something to look forward to tonight, could be a late night. SueL x

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  4. Hi there Mel, I really look forward to SNC shows on Create and Craft - can't wait for the next ones.

    Could you ask Brother if they are able to adjust the zoom view so that we can move in and out and also move the file while it is zoomed? I am sure you have probably already asked this but it would help a great deal.

    Please keep the shows coming and enjoy all your samples.

  5. Hi Mel

    I don't suppose you have a tutorial or step by step instructions on how to make this lovely snowflake as I'm a newbie and keep seeing it when you are on C & C!?