Sunday 8 February 2015

Video tutorial on faux stitching in scanncut canvas

Hi Crafty Friends
I have been asked a lot about doing faux stitching in canvas. I have made a short video on you tube for you.
Matthew will be doing more videos soon. Please let us know what you would like to see.
Melanie xxx

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  1. love Mel, so pleased her son is helping her. I am afraid I am ONE of those who purchased the Scan N Cut 12 mmmonths and haven't even plugged in. Even when talking to you at the NEC. So to know you are bringing out DVD's I am now determined to use this product and specially as I am now taking a multi media textile course. Please Mel how will we be able to purchase on Create and Craft or direct via you. I'm commencing my first course 10th so hope I don't miss out. Not too quick these days, hope you have some left by the time I get home. My excuse I am over 80. Irene (golden web)

  2. Hi Irene, Matthew here, Mum is away for a few days filing the DVD's, we have not yet had confirmation from Brother on how the DVD's will be marketed but we are going to try an get a few copies to give away as prizes etc. keeo your eyes peeled and we will keep you posted :)

  3. I would like to see a tutorial on making frames with text welded inside, have done this twice but it is hard for me to remember. Thanks Matthew.

    1. Hi Liz,

      I made a video for you. you can find it here . thanks, Matt

  4. Mel you are such a star! Unfortunately I had to send my ScanNCut away to Germany last week for some TLC but hopefully it will be back soon. Mel was going to do a screen shot on negative letter spacing a while ago but I didn't manage to find it anywhere, no problem though! I worked out where I needed to look on canvas and have got to grips with it now.

    I'd really like some help on cutting stencils. I've managed it but had to cut designs 3 or more times before they cut through. I'm using mylar sheet which is 190 micron (0.19mm thick?) what settings/blade do you suggest I should use?

  5. thanks for the faux stitch tutorial .I can now do it xx

  6. Hi Mel and Matt Bought my machine middle of last year, set it up and managed to cut straight through the mat so put it away again and there it sat until December OH BLISS a whole week with Mel and Brian. Got the machine out and I've done loads of things. However I've followed your you tube on faux stitching but do I cut then draw or the other way round. Hey! well done to Irene 80+ and still learning something new a lady right up my street. x x Pauline