Thursday 26 February 2015

Latest update now available

Hello Brother Brian

We have now released the update software version 1.30 for ScanNCut series on Brother Solutions Center.

This update software will provide the following changes.

1. The following features have been added.
     - Undoing an Operation.
     - Enlarging the Pattern by 400%.
     - Moving Patterns after Displaying Enlarged.
     - Changed the name of the "Delete Size" key on the image editing screen and the default setting.

  2. The following features have been improved.
     - Converting recalled data to cutting line.
     - Welding (Merging outlines of multiple patterns) feature.

Please make sure you download the update on to an empty USB stick.

Melanie xxx


  1. Hi. Thanks for letting us know. I know what I will be doing over the weekend. SueL x

  2. Thanks for letting us know Mel...Brian is now updated and I love the new features x

  3. thanks for the information, Mel. I have a question ~ if I have not yet updated my Bro Brian will I get all the updates when I eventually can do it, or will I only get the latest one? Also, when I load my 12x24" mat I get a message on screen saying it is not for use with my equipment. Is this because I have never updated the SnC?
    Sorry for asking, I know you are busy. ~~~Deb

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  5. There seems to be a bug in the update of V1.3 at the moment, if you do it you may well loose 3.5 pages of basic shapes.
    My basic shapes had 10 pages before the update, after the update I only have 7 pages and the seventh page isn't full. Ive contacted Brother to tell them and left messages on both Brother Facebook pages so you may want to hold off until it gets fixed. I know some of my Youtube subscribers have had the same problem

  6. Hi
    Thanks for the heads up. You can still find these shapes in canvas if you want to use them whilst I investigate further.

  7. Yes i did mention that in my blog post yesterday. 1.31 seems to have restored normality for everyone! however we still haven't got back our alignment cross hatch, has this been removed completely now we have the 200+% zoom?

    1. Hi
      My cross hatches are still there when I use the directional arrows to move the shapes.
      Can you let me know if yours aren't so I can contact Brother please.x

  8. they are back now, it was sunny when i looked earlier and couldn't see them, they only show when you choose the directional arrows, is that right i thought they were there when you chose a shape before, cannot remember

    1. Fabulous. Think they have only ever been there when you use the arrows. Glad all is well now.x

  9. Have to hand it to Brother they dealt with it quickly, everyone I've spoken to are now all ok too. phew!

  10. Hi Mel I have done the update all is well but I have one problem I cant find anywhere that sells the standard replacement blade Create and Craft only have the deep blade is there anywhere else please? xxx

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