Sunday 1 March 2015

Update and basic shaoes

Good morning
It has been brought to my attention that when you update your BSC to V1.3..... Gosh that sounds like a different!!!!!
You lose some of the basic shapes. I don't know if this is a bug or not but I will call Brother first thing in the morning and ask the question.
However that are still available in canvas so you could always download them on to a USB stick if you need them.
Hope that helps
Melanie xxx


  1. Hi Melanie. Apparently the crosshair in the middle of shapes which helps us line up has also disappeared. Hope this all hasn't happened because they needed more memory for the update. SueL x

    1. Hi Sue
      My crass hatch is still there. Are you using the directional arrow feature?

  2. Hope this glitch can soon be rectified. The crosshair and 80 basic shapes is a lot to lose in one fell swoop. There are 140 basic shapes in Canvas compared to 180 orignally in the machine, so we have lost 40 shapes in total.
    Looking forward to a good result.
    Jean, New Zealand

    1. Hi Jean
      Me too. My contact at Brother has emailed Japan so fingers crossed. Do you have the CM600?
      I have only ever had 140 basic shapes I

    2. Hi Mel
      I have both fingers and toes crossed.
      In New Zealand we have two models being CM110 (basic model sold as paper/card cutting machine) and CM550DX(paper/card plus fabric cutting) The latter model, which I have has all the accessories required ,except the scanning mat, and has extra built-in patterns.
      I love it and have learned so much from seeing you on C&Cshows on TV whilst in UK last October and via the computer. Keep up the good work.
      Kind regards
      Jean Singleton

  3. Mel, thank you for the info, much appreciated. How do we now reduce the size of very small pieces ie: Tattered Lace dies to 1mm. This is probably so simple, I can't see it!!