Thursday 13 October 2011

Blown away

Hi crafters

I have just read all your comments and they brought a tear to my eye. Thank you so much. I am just a crafter who loves to share my ideas and I am really lucky that tv allows me to do that on a larger scale than just teaching in my local shops. Although I love that too and have made some life long friemds as an added bonus. I am truly passionate about scrapbooking and I am looking to do more about getting the "true meaning" of scrapbooking out there. I am really determined when I set my mind to something so watch this space.
Pip is amazingly cute althoug he looks completely different now so when I can keep him still long enough to get anothe picture of him I will post it!!!!! I was walking him this morning and a young lad stopped me to tell me I had a "sick" dog! Ho must have seen the look on my face and was very quick to re-assure me that "sick" was actually a compliment! I felt really old!
I am glad you all enoyed the shows this week. I have to say I loved every minute of them and it was good to be able to share my thought process with you all rather than having everything pre-prepared. It was a bit scary but now I have done it once there will beno stopping me. I am doing a show next Wednesday with a lot of Scrapbooking tips in it so tune in for that.
Have a great weekend

Catch up soon and once again thank you for your lovely comments.

Melanie xxx


  1. Awww Mel I just love watching you! Your work is absolutely amazing Hun and you are such an inspiration. Can't wait for your next show. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  2. Looking forward to seeing your show ,as for scrapbooking i really must make a start as i've got the stuff ,i suppose its just making a start,so i think i should book a class with you
    Sandra x

  3. You are such an inspiration Mel. I was always scared of starting a scrapbook as the ones that I've always seen are glorified photo albums, but after watching you on C+C I've given it a go and I'm loving it. So a huge thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the nec. xxx

  4. Hi Mel, I was supposed to be dog sitting this weekend, for my daughter, she has a really really stupid Dalmation pup called Poppy, daft as a brush, and keeps nipping you. Anyway although I said yes no problem they have decided that she would be too much for me, ha ha ha, after having a couple of kids a pup is childs play, excuse the pun! Anyway more time for crafting then, oh dear! Looking forward to next Wednesday and your demo's. xx

  5. Hi mel iwas on the end of my holiday in england and managed to watch you on craft tv on the mon and tues. What an inspiration you are. I have been papercrafting for years now but i loved watching you put your cards together and your great advice. I will try and watch your scapbooking show on the computer now that i am home. I wish we had create and craft with mel here in australia. I would watch it all day. Cheers lisa. Ps loved seeing what you do with the cricut

  6. Really looking forward to Wednesday have kept it clear on the calender.
    Pity you are not going to SECC in Glasgow end of October would have loved to have seen you there.

    Mel! can you please tell me where I can buy EZ punches.

    Hugs Patricia xx

  7. Really looking forward to the NEC,even better now I know you,ll be there. Hopefully I,ll be able to get near you,,lol I bet your mobbed,,,love sue09

  8. hi mel often watch you on creat and craft and did send an email in but i think it's probably got lost in transit
    can you tell me about cutting chipboard with the expression i have the housing and blades etc but find i have trouble finding the ideal chipboard to cut it's either too thick as in the sizzles chipboard or very fibrous so doesn't cut delicate patterns. is there a particular chipboard that is made for the cricut or is there one you can recommend as i have invested in the frames cartridge and would like a good chipboard that i can rely on as i waste loads at the moment as just can't seem to get it right. also what do suggest as the best settings too for speed pressure and housing setting. i have the gypsy so can get it to cut 4 times over if needed hope you can help me. love your ideas keep up the good work just watch you playing with the cuttlebug cut and emboss folders on c and c i didn't realise you could ink through them either gotta have a play now xx gill
    just leave a reply on my blog when you have time i'll find it ta x