Friday 14 October 2011

Winter Wonderland project Instructions...

Winter Wonderland Cricut Project Instructions

Products needed

2 x white 12” x12” card stock.
Brown card
Yellow card
Pink card
Turquoise card
Pale blue card
Silver card
Patterned blue and green paper of your choice.
Winter Woodland cartridge
Brown fine liner pen

Top Tips.
Cut the pieces for each building and keep them in piles rather than cutting all the brown and all the pink etc at the same time.

When cutting the reindeers, reduce the pressure and blade depth and multi cut them twice.

Doodle your houses and trees. Also ink the edges with a brown ink.

Step by steps

Put your speed on 5, your blade depth on 6 and your pressure on Max.

Place the yellow card onto the mat. Set the size to 4 ½”, press Bldg 1 and cut. Unload. Put brown card on mat. Press shift and bldg1 and cut. Unload. Put pink card on mat, press layers and bldg 1 and cut. Unload. Place white card on mat, press shift and layers and bldg 1 and cut. Unload and set all the pieces to one side.

Place yellow card on your mat. Set the size to 5”. Press Bldg 2 and cut. Unload. Place the pink card onto your mat press shift, bldg 2 and cut. Unload. Put brown card on your mat. Press layers, bldg 2 and cut. Unload. Put white card on mat press shift, layers, bldg 2 and cut.
Unload and set all pieces to one side.

Set the size to 4”. Put yellow card on to the mat. Press Bldg 3 and cut. Unload. Put brown card on to the mat. Press shift and bldg 3 and cut. Unload. Put turquoise card on mat, press layer and bldg 3 and cut. Unload.
Put white card on your mat. Press shift, layers, bldg3 and cut. Unload and put pieces to one side.

Set the size dial to 5”. Put yellow card on mat. Press Bldg4 and cut. Unload. Put blue card on mat. Press shift and Bldg 4 and cut. Unload. Put brown card on mat. Press layer and Bldg 4 and cut. Unload. Put white card on mat, press shift, layers and Bldg 4 and cut. Unload. Put all pieces to one side.

Place the blue patterned paper on the mat. Set the size to 5” Press trees and cut. Unload. Put brown card on your mat. Press shift and trees and cut. Unload. Put white card on mat press layers, trees and cut. Unload.
Repeat all this with the pink card and the size set to 4 ½”. Repeat again with the Green dot card and the Size set to 5 ½”.

Put silver card on the mat. Put the size to 1 ½” Press sleigh and cut. Unload. Put the Blue patterned paper on the mat. Press shift, sleigh and cut. Put the green card on your mat. Press layers and sleigh and cut.

Put the brown card on the mat. Cut a 2 ½” reindeer deer 2. Then press shift and deer 2 and cut. Then put the size dial to 1 ½”. Press shift and deer 2 and cut. Set the size to 2” Press shift and wintr wndrld and cut. Unload.

Put Pink card on mat. Set size to 2 “ Press wint wndrld and cut. Unload. Repeat with white card. Unload. Put green card on mat. Press layers and wntr wndrld and cut.

Put white card on mat and cut various sizes of snowflakes. Press shift and branch 1 and cut at 3 ½”. Unload.

Build all the cut pieces together. Glittering and inking as you go.

Cut a piece of white card at 9” wide by 11” long. Score horizontally at the following. 1”  1 ¼”  1 ½”  1 ¾”  2 ¾”  3”  3 ¼”  3 ½”  4 ½”  4 ¾”  5” 
5 ¼”  5 ½”  6”  6 ¼”  6 ¾”  7 ¼”  7 ¾”  8”  8 ½” .

Fold the first scorline as a valley then the next two as a mountain fold and the fourth as a valley. Repeat this process until you complete all the folds.Do not remove the remaining card. Fold it towards you.
Cut a piece of turquoise card 9” wide by 12” long and fold in half. Attach the folded piece of white card to the inside of the front of the turquoise card.
Decorate the turquoise card .

Tear strips of paper to create snow and glitter.

Build up project.

Happy crafting,
Melanie xxx


  1. Thanks for these instructions Mel. It'll be a perfect project to tackle with my god daughter!

  2. Thanks for posting this it's fab,such a sweet project. Just gotta get me the winter wonderland cartridge so I can have a go! :) hopefully now you won't get inundated with emails requesting the instructions! So you'll have more time to come up with amazing projects to share :D

  3. Thanks so much Mel. I have the Winter Wonderland cartridge which is SO versatile and I'm going to really enjoy having a go at this fantastic project. Great to have the sizes as well (something that is often trial and error on my part!!)

  4. Thanks Mel, I got these instructions a few weeks ago... and I am bracing myself to give it a go. I think it's a project for when 'im indoors is at the football and I have a few hours on my own without interruptions! As if ! xx

  5. Thanks so much for the insrtuctions Mel,its very much appreciated,
    Sandra x

  6. This is just a stunning project Mel - when I first saw it when you presented it on C&C, I took an intake of breath and sat with my jaw slightly ajar!!! You really are such a talented crafter - but you dispell so many myths about things being difficult. You inspire me and make me believe that I could actually do this... thing is - I don't have the cartridge and pennies are a bit scarce, but I'll just enjoy yours instead!!!

    Thank you so much

    Paula Gale (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) x x x

  7. Hi Mel

    Have you got an email address we can get in touch with you on please?

    I have a quick question for you... Can you use the Jones Tones paints and adhesives with the 'My Stencil Studio' stencils that Steph recently launched on C&C. When you demonstrated Jones Tones stuff on C&C I wondered straight away as they look like there is more choice in paint and fabric paint colours and also in the glue - and look better value for money than replacements from MSS.

    Thanks in advance... my email address is pmgale(at)sky(dot)com.

    Paula x x x

  8. I've just finished my version of this great project -- you can check it out on my blog if you'd like to see what you've started! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  9. Hey Mel! Lovely project - it made my mind up to buy this cartridge. Lovin it!
    Alison (Windmill)

  10. what a great project being as this is a cricut project i thought it better to put my question that i have posted lower down here as you might catch it here hope you don't mind
    hi mel often watch you on creat and craft and did send an email in but i think it's probably got lost in transit
    can you tell me about cutting chipboard with the expression i have the housing and blades etc but find i have trouble finding the ideal chipboard to cut it's either too thick as in the sizzles chipboard or very fibrous so doesn't cut delicate patterns. is there a particular chipboard that is made for the cricut or is there one you can recommend as i have invested in the frames cartridge and would like a good chipboard that i can rely on as i waste loads at the moment as just can't seem to get it right. also what do suggest as the best settings too for speed pressure and housing setting. i have the gypsy so can get it to cut 4 times over if needed hope you can help me. love your ideas keep up the good work just watch you playing with the cuttlebug cut and emboss folders on c and c i didn't realise you could ink through them either gotta have a play now xx gill
    just leave a reply on my blog when you have time i'll find it ta x

  11. oh mel how excited am I to have found your blog,managed to quickley write,your blog address down when I heard you say it on create and craft.
    I just want to thank you so much for your inspiration on create and craft I just love love watching you your demos,are always so clear,and you have some amazing ideas,I am off to the NEC on sunday my first time ever,hope i have the courage to pop over and say hi,to you as I have made you something,thanks again mel,for being such a lovely lady with super talent,love hugs cherylxxxxxx

  12. Hi Mel,

    I have a pink cricut expression that was bought april this year. Can I do the hot swap on this or do I need to turn it off to take the cartridge out?

    Thanks Carol

  13. what a fantastic card, it looks wonderful - Gill

  14. Would like to say thanks so much for your help. I saw you on C&C & the way you explain things is great. On the show you're inviting questions & I'm not sure that this is the place so sorry if I've made a mistake. Would you please tell me if the cricut Imagine can do everything that the Expression can do + print. I don't think that there's a keyboard so the overlay won't work. Please, please could you explain a bit about the Imagine in terms of comparing it to the Expression. I did see the scrappers show & the way you explain things is just perfect. Hope you have a craftastic & healthy 2012

  15. Me again, forgot to say this is the first time I have ever signed up to join any blog etc, so I hope I have done it right and it's not gone to Downing Street lol