Wednesday 12 October 2011

Bundle of joy..

As promised, a picture of Pip (above) when we brought him home...


  1. OMG Mel, He is adorable, just look at those sweet little feel and his expression is so cute. Bet he know's it 'tho and leads you a merry dance!!
    You were your usual brilliant self on C&C, I just love it when you are on and never leave the tv. I have a couple of the ladies walking their dog stamps, they are lovely.
    The Cricut demo's are always a treat and I learn something new every time you are on. Keep up the good work. Debbiexx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, sooo adorable and I can see why you aliken him to Sweep now, lol
    As Debbie stated, I too was glued to your shows this week and no matter whether it's Stampavie or Cricut you always manage to inspire me and come up with something I wasn't aware of. Would love to see more of you on C&C and loved the idea that someone emailed in to one of the shows, regarding you doing a Scrapbook Classroom. Could you tell me please Mel, where I can find up to date details of any classes you are doing and where? Many thanks, Linda xxx

  3. So lovely to see a photo of him at last! He is adorable.
    Just want to reiterate as well what the other comments have said. You are such an inspiration on C&C whether it is stamping or Cricut. Keep up the good work ! Jan x

  4. He's so adorable Mel ,as the others have said i too was glued to the tv yesterday and the day before i have made the rosette flower you showed us how to do just need to make my easel card, Once again thanks mel for all of the inspration you give us
    Sandra x

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous pup!!
    Everyone above has already said what I was going to say. No more to add really.
    Did I hear right at the end of one of the shows last week, that you were going to record something for the C and C members re the Cricut? Is that for the next magazine or have I missed something?!
    Would you know if there are any other 'Cricuters' (or 'Cricuteers') in Jersey?
    Thank you for being so inspirational.
    Pat x

  6. Hi Mel

    I was trying to email one of the shows recently when you had mentioned you'd had a new puppy. I have a purebred Bedlington and your Pip looks exactly like Dylan did when he was a baby. Its funny because they are one of the few dogs that look nothing like the adult dog when they are puppies. Dylan is 5 now and has recently been joined by Buddy who is a Shih Tzu older puppy who is now coming up 8 months old. He was just under 6 months old when we 'rescued' him from an abusive owner. I really want to do some scrapbooking of the dogs - I call them my woolley boys as I also have two teenage sons.

    What you said about scrapbooking ourselves for our children and future generations is absoloutely spot on - and something I want to do as a project once the Christmas cards are out of the way. Mind you, the way I can write, there won't be much room for so much as a brad, never mind all the embellies that some people do (you may have noticed) lol.

    Wishing you many happy moments (which are all future memories) with Pip. Hope to see more pics of him as he grows. I bet he'll have a lovely temperament.

    Bigs hugs and thanks again for all your inspiration.

    Paula Gale, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. x xx x

  7. Bit of an understatement to say that Pip is adorable - he is soooo cute.
    Loving all your shows when I manage to catch them (working full time is not on really)
    Thanks for such wonderful inspiration, loving the way you "build up" the layers on your cards by sketching them out first

  8. Ah! Mel, how adorable is that puppy.
    Thank you so much for all the inspiration you have given me.
    I have learnt so much from watching your shows.
    I do not have a Cricut and will probably never have one but even so I have gained so many ideas from watching these shows as well.
    Keep up the great work and keep the all the inspiration coming please.
    I have just found your Blog and have gained a few ideas from your posted cards.
    Thank you once again,


  9. Awwwww Mel, he is just adorable, and such a cute name.

  10. Oh dear, I want one too! xx

  11. Hi Mel,
    Thank-you for posting his picture as you promised !
    We have two gorgeous Bedlingtons that you saw, they bring real joy to our family life. We have them as our eldest daughter has asthma and allergies and for a long time we thought we could not have a dog til we found out about the Bedlington coat. I hope your wee pup brings you much joy and inspiration.
    Your craft shows are marvelous. They have fresh new ideas, you are genuine, enthusiastic and come across as loving the hobby....
    Keep up with the fantastic work ! Will keep watching you and buying.