Monday 26 December 2011

Penelope's Secret Garden project

Penelopes' Secret Garden project.


Cut twelve 5 ¾" squares from the violet cardstock. Now you need to score all the four sides of the squares at just short of 1 ½" in from the outer edge. I want you to be very accurate with these measurements.* Try one piece first and make it up in to the base and then make one of the outers and make sure you are happy with the fit before you go ahead and score the rest of them.*


When you have scored all your squares, lay a square in front of you and I want you to cut up the right hand scoreline from the bottom to where the two sorelines intersect. Then cut from that point to the bottom outer point on the diagonal. I hope that makes sense!!!!! Repeat that on the left side. The two cut sections should mirror each other. Then turn the card 180 degrees so the cut sections are at the top of the square and repeat the whole thing again making sure it mirrors itself.


Next cut twelve strips of card 3" deep by 12" long. Score thes at the following increments: 3", 4 ½", 7 ½", 9". Make sure the remaining section is 3" long. Crease the scorelines really well and then fold them so they create an outer for your box base. So the first 3" section will be the base. The next 1 ½" section will be a side. The next 3" section will be the top. The next 1 ½" section will be the other side and then the last 3" section will be the part that sticks it all together and strengthens your outer slightly. Put each base inside the outers.

Glue three of the drawers on top of each other. Repeat this until you have four sets of three drawers.

Cut two 6" x 6" squares of violet card. Glue your sets of drawers on to one of the squares, making sure you ONE set of drawers that open on each side of the 6" base.

When you have completed that then attach the other 6" square card to the top of the drawers.

Cut four pieces of violet card measuring 3" wide by 4 ½" deep. On each side of your chest of drawers you will have a section that can't be opened. Take one of the pieces of card you have just cut and attach it to each one of those sections. Repeat on each side of the drawers. Then cut four pieces of gold mirri card 2 ¾" wide by 4 ¼" deep. Then cut four pieces of the Garden Girl paper of your choice 2 ½" wide by 4" deep. Glue some ribbon around the paper as seen in the photo. Then using foam pads attach each piece of paper to a piece of the gold mirri card. Using glue attach each of these to your sealed sections of the drawers.

Next, cut twelve pieces of gold mirri card 2 ¾" wide by 1 ¼" deep. Then cut twelve pieces of Garden Girl paper of your choice 2 5/8" wide by 1 1/8" deep. Glue the paper to the gold mirri card and then using foam pads attach each section to the front of each individual drawer.

Using the stamp from the Garden Girl collection stamp twelve of the medallion onto CLEAR shrink plastic using black STAZ ON ink. Allow to dry. Cut each one them out without leaving a border. Punch two holes in the middle of each one to create the holes in your button. I used a cropodile but a hole punch will be just as good. Just make sure that the holes are big, as they will shrink down when you heat them. Place each shrink plastic piece on to a piece of tin foil. Have an acrylic block ready. Hold it down firmly with a pair of tweezers and heat it until it has shrunk right down. Turn of the heat gun and put the acrylic block on top of the shrink plastic button to flatten it. Do this with all twelve. Put a small piece of ribbon through the holes and tie in a knot. Attach one to each of the drawer fronts with pinflair glue.

Stamp and colour the Penelope stamped image and the flower pot image. Cut the flowers pots out as a 3 ½" circle. Cut a gold mirri frame at 3 7/16" and 3 5/8". Cut a flower shape from violet card. I used my Cricut and a flower on the Essentials cartridge that is inside the E2. Just choose a flower you like and use that. I then hand cut the orange flower so that it is slightly bigger than the violet one. Build up the flower as seen in the photo. Cut Penelope down to a rectangular shape and mat on to gold mirri card.

Next cut a piece of the violet card to 6" wide by 12" deep. Score it at 6" and 9" to create an easel. Attach a sheet of the 6" Garden Girl paper to the base of the easel card. Cut two pieces of gold mirri card, 5 3/4" wide by 2 ¾" deep. Cut two pieces of Garden girl patterned paper 5 ½" wide by 2 ½". Stick the paper to the mirri card and then attach these to the front of the easel as seen in the picture.

Attach the flower pot section to the front of the easel as shown. Cut a strip of thick acetate 5" long by 1" wide. Fold it in half. Attach to the back of the Penelope picture and then stick the other piece to the base of the card. This will allow the Penelope picture to fold back and lay flat.

Using a border punch, (I used an EK Success punch) Create a border 2" deep by 6" wide from gold mirri card. Make a slightly narrower border from paper and lay on top of the gold one. Attach this to the bas of your easel to create a stopper.

Stamp the medallion stamp you used for the buttons on to three different garden girl papers. Cut out different sections from each piece and layer up to make an embellishment. Attach to the bottom of your easel card. Add a little extra ribbon as shown in picture.

Sit back and admire your work.


Melanie xxx


  1. hi mel,oh goody,the instructions for the box,thankyou mel. any info to when you will be on create and craft againe. hope my card catches up with you at some point that i made with bramwell crafts,it is not a christmas card so not urgent i hope you like what i have done for you.hope you have nice things to bring next year.i had an e mail from bramwell crafts and it said there was nics things to come,love bluebell-flowerwood.

  2. Hi Mel
    You are an angel. Thank you very much for the instructions. I will have to have my husband beside me when I decide to make the masterpiece because I have no clue about inches but my husband does so I should have nothing to worry about except putting it together of course!
    Thank you very much again.
    Hope you had a great Christmas.
    Michaela xx

  3. Fab Mel. I am wondering the same as 'Bluebell', do you know when you are next to be on C&C and also what it will be with? Cricut, Bo Bunny or Stampavie? Whichever, I look forward to it and more of your innovative demo's I hope.
    Regards Linda

  4. Thanks Mel for the instructions and a Very Happy New Year to you.

  5. I just made a sample little drawer - it works!!! I've got to get out shopping though as I don't have enough sheets of violet cardstock but I so want to make this set as it looks gorgeous. I have the little girl stamp but not the flower planters - yet! The one thing I'm really stuck on, is what colouring pens to get as I'm new to colouring in stamps. When I was young I used to love colouring in pictures, so I'd love to do it as an adult. There are so many to choose from these days though; promarkers, flexmarkers, Copic, water pens, chalks etc.
    You've definitely got my creative juices flowing Mel

  6. Thank you so much for the instructions Mel ...I will be making this very soon I think It's fab ....I hope you have a very happy New Year and a successful 2012 ..Sue x

  7. Thanks Mel for these instructions. Happy New Year xxx

  8. Thanks for the instructions Mel. I only just watched the early December show when you demoed how to make one of the drawers, and whammo then I find this on your blog. Fabulous!

    Lin x

  9. OMG thats so stunning!! My daughter wants one lol TFS <3.. I am New to your Blog So Hello!!. I so love what I have seen so far!! You really are such a talented lady. Pure Genius .. I love to see and watch anything crafty. Crafting does not come natural to me. I have to sit and try to think out side the Box... I <3 scrap-booking and making layouts of my daughter with her help. I don't make cards as I am rubbish at them they don't appeal to me to want to make.. I love all the American Brands Amy tangerine , Heidi swapp, Studio calico, and the Hero Arts full ink range but they so hard to source in the UK.. Crafty Hugs xxx