Tuesday 12 November 2013

Cricut Retreat Samples

Here are the samples from my recent Cricut Retreat. The top one is made using Anna Griffins Winter Wonderland cartridge.

You will also need the new Universal Overlay to use for the Deck the Halls project.
This card is made using the 25th of December cartridge by Theresa Collins.


  1. Ooh I so NEED to find this Teresa Collins cartridge. It's just gorgeous xx

  2. Hi Petrina
    I buy mine from Cutting Edge Crafts. They are fabulous on price, free P&P and more often than not next day delivery.

  3. Stunning, absolutely stunning. We need the Anna Griffin one - baubles........ Could you tell me please - what is the Universal Over-lay and do we need it for the Anna Griffin cartridge?

  4. The universal overlay is new and will be the only one you need to use with any new cartridges from now on.
    Yes you need rouse it with the AG cartridge.
    Type Cricut Universal Overlay in to a search engine to see a picture of it. Xxx

  5. I got this cart a few weeks ago and LOVE it. It is definitely my favourite Christmas cartridge.

  6. Oops - also meant to say that your wall hanging is stunning. A really inspiring use of the cartridge.

  7. Oh Mel.... they are gorgeous....I must say that cartridge looks gorgeous and very tempting. (now I'm really, really sad that I had to pull out of the retreat) but I'm sure everyone had a fabulous time.... I was there in spirit.

  8. Lovely to see some pretty cards here! A treat for the eyes.

  9. Hi mel. Bought both these cartridges to attempt to make a wall hanging and they are lovely but gosh the winter wonderland looks complicated - im still somewhat of a novice on the cricut but I will give it a go. I would love to come on a retreat but have no crafty friends to join me :-( kind regards karen

  10. Hi Karen
    Can you email me please at melanieheaton@aol.com. Xxxxx

  11. Hi Mel
    Have you got a photo of the NOËL card from the Art Deco cartridge I have the instructions as I bought it at the retreat but didn't take a pic of the actual card.
    I also have a message for Karen from the above comment you do not need a friend to come to the retreats but you'll go home with lots of new ones. I've been to 2 of Mel's retreats and can't wait for the next one. I went alone on the last one but came home with email addresses and some lovely memories I'd say 90% of our group went alone but we're soon chatting away and most have already vowed to meet up again on the next retreat
    See you there xx