Thursday 7 November 2013

New Zentangle Inspiration

Hi again crafty friends

Wow! Two posts in one day!!!!! Like buses I guess. LOL.
Just wanted to share with you the cards i have made with the new Stencils an Stamps from tomorrows Zentangle shows.
Hope you like them.


  1. Wow these are amazing and love the effect from the zentangle...might just have a go but not sure where to start so i will sky+ the show to get some hints and tips :)
    hugs and xxx

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  4. Hello Mel
    That was odd!
    Just to say I am looking forward to seeing you Zentangling!

  5. Hi Melanie. Heard the hint on air the other day about your Zentangle programmes and have alerted all my crafty friends at RR. I'll be watching, of course. SueL

  6. One word........WOW!! These samples are really stunning Mel, truly inspiring. Karen xx

  7. I just ordered three of the new stencils, that corner is a stunner. Where did you get the sentiments please?

  8. Just watched you on Create and Craft. I'm so pleased you used "my"stamp. Jane Gill is a friend of mine and she named one of her Bubble Blooms for me!!
    Clarissa. X

  9. Loved the zentangle shows on c&c mel.
    Can I just say, and I'm surprised leonie didn't at the time, for a leftie it's unnatural to draw from the bottom right to top right as you're going across your body. More natural would be from bottom left to top left.
    Kathleen Mc xxx

  10. Mel have just watched your Project Life shows today and want to tell you how much I enjoyed them. I have been using it for over a year now and love it. I still make ''proper '' pages but mix them in with the project pages. look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Dot xx

  11. OMG these are amazing. You are so talented at everything you do and always make it so easy to understand. I love watching your shows on C&C. Thanks for the inspiration, wow.

  12. Hi Mel....just heard about the wonderful samples you have made with my stamps and the fab-u-lus zentangle. You are a star. xxx
    Thanks Jane

  13. Hi Jane
    My absolute pleasure. Thanks for letting me use them. Xxxx

  14. Hi Mel, really enjoyed the zentangle demos. Will you be sharing a picture of the lovely tulip you did? Tracy x

  15. Hi Tracy
    Sorry, thought it was on!!!! Will add it when I get home. Xxx