Tuesday 19 April 2011

Back to blogging...

Good morning crafters,

It seems like a long time since I have posted anything on a blog but I am back and raring to go! I have chosen the name “PAPER DREAMS” for my new blog which kind of sums me up. Not only do I work with fabulous paper products every day but I dream about them too and it's not unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night and sketch a  design out for a new project!

As some of you may be aware I have been back on Create and Craft recently with the Cricut and Cuttlebug and have had some fabulous feedback. I will be back on now as a regular guest and I am very excited at the prospect of being able to share my ideas on a larger scale.  I will be continuing with my classes too and all the dates for both the TV and classes will be posted on my blog along with previews of kits that are to appear on Create and Craft.

I am going to start work on some Fathers’ Day projects using the fabulous “Timepiece” collection from Bo Bunny. I am going to do quick,easy but effective cards using the card kit and a stunning Pocketwatch Edgy Album. So WATCH this space!!!

We will also be holding  question and answer sessions on our Facebook page. You will be able to email in and ask questions about your favourite Bramwell product. Also we will be running  regular competitions with fab prizes including the chance to visit us here in Blackburn for a day of crafting with me.

Ok well I am off now to start playing with my new product. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!!!!

See you soon

Melanie xxx


  1. Yay ! hello from blogland... so glad to see you here... I have looked for your blog when I have watched you on c&C ...
    i love watching you .. xx
    hugs xx

  2. Hi Melanie,

    Love the shows. I was able to buy a Cricut personal just before christmas and have not regretted it. I learn such a lot from you, and look forward to seeing you more on Create and Craft.
    Crafty hugs,
    Jackie xx

  3. hi Melanie, glad you are back blogging, the fathers day projects sound good.

  4. Thanks ladies, glad you are enjoying the shows. I've just uploaded some of the Fathers Day Cards. They're so easy to make from the Timepiece collections card kits.

    Happy Crafting xx

  5. Thanks for your inspiration with the cricut imagine whic my husband purchased for me after watching and geting fed up of me watching all the time. Please keep the inspiration coming

  6. Hello Melanie, i was wondering if you could help me please. I have just purchased the cricut expression 2 and i am having trouble with the mat. It loads into the machine ok but when it starts cutting it seems to go lopsided on the left hand side and when i press the button to unload the mat. Thank you Hillary Smiley. My email address is hillarysmiley@btinternet.com

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  8. Hi Mel,
    Please help I have cricut imagine. When I tried to use it printed the mat came through and it said cutting it thought for a moment then stopped and went back to the home screen as though it had finnished, I tried this for a couple of times, also I tried to just cut a projet it did the same. now also is says that my inks (both of them) are missing I have tried to take them out and put them back but it still says missing please help. Julie.
    My email is julie.ledbury@talktalk.net

  9. Hi Mel
    please please can you help me i have three
    machines and the Gypsy.I was talking to you at the NEC last Nov about my pink expressions machine not coneting to my Gypsy still having problems and i am unable to sign in to provocraft to update any of my machines. I have emailed them and they where helpfull not.There asking me to phone them in the states as they are saying no information can be emailed to me .every time i ask for a new password it wont go through just dont no what to do Mel.
    could you also tell me when you are doing a workshop
    in Preston again as i would love to understand how to use my machines and the Gypsy just feel really feed up with it all my email is cherrykrupa@o2.co.uk
    i would be gratefully for any help Mel
    Very best wishes cherry

  10. hi Mel - i have a cricut expression, which i love. ironworks 2 - beautiful cutouts but is there anyway of finding out how wide (sideways) they will cut. i find if i cut say a 5" square it cuts to expected measurement. but if i put 5" on a landscape image the 5" is measured top to bottom but there is no indication of how wide the image will come out and sometimes it cuts much larger than expected. any advice please.

  11. You can use the fit to length button. Press it and then set your size and it will work out the relative height. Hope thatmakes sense. If you try it I think it will xxx

  12. Hi Mel
    I have a cricut create which I love...when it works!
    Recently it has been completely out of alignment - it cuts like my 3yr old neice draws pics!!
    I have tried to reset it following steps on cricut's website but still nothing. I have also replaced the mat and the blade (ensuring no paper is caught up). I have tried different settings, sizes, cartridges and papers but sadly still no.
    I get no help from the phone lines I have tried - I don't think they even know what a cricut create is!
    I would appreciate any help
    Kat xx

  13. Hi Mel
    Thanks for your help. Have used the 'fit to length' button as suggested and after a few attempts have finally cracked it. Perhaps i should actually get round to reading the instruction booklet!!!
    Thanks again xxx carole

  14. Hi Mel
    I have expression 2 recently pruchased from C&C, love machine no problem with all but one cartridges supplied and 1 I purchased
    except 'Art Noveau' despite C&C sending me a replacement it loads up images on screen but it either defaults back to expression front screen immediately or will put image in queue but then does same as above when trying to move forward- help very frustrated!

  15. Hi Mel

    Since I have been into CraftRoom with my Cricut Create, I can now only use the machine when it is plugged into the computer. I switch on, it says insert cartidge, which I do then it just freezes. I have tried the red reset button on the machine but it does not solve the problem. I can use the machine but it is a bit of a nuisance having to be near the computer all the time. Can you help or let me have the UK helpline number please.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hello
      I would like you to email isupport@provocraft.com and give them your phone number and tell them what the problem is and they will deal with it for you. That do all the technical stuff.
      Pleas let me know how you get on.
      Take care
      Melanie xxx

    2. Hi Mel
      Many thanks for fast reply. I have noted the helpline and will get in touch with them. Over the weekend I had a little play with the machine and found that if I left the cartridge in, switched on the machine, it still didnt work, but if I then switched off and back on really quickly the machine seems to work ok. Hope this might help anyone else with the same problem.

      Many thanks again.

  16. margaret thornton19 May 2012 at 12:35

    Hi Mel

    Think you are great, so easy to understand. I noticed when you were using the new cuttlebug all in one folder you put it through hinge side first when the folder says otherwise. I presume it does not matter which way but why do you do hinge first, is there a reason.

  17. Mel, do you have any workshops that I could attend, as I am trying hard with Cricut Expression (anniversary issue) and have had some success but not what I expected.
    I know that it is not the machine. I learn easier by watching rather than reading instructions. Please, please help me. My email is c.holton559@btinternet.com

  18. Hi Mel, love watching your shows on create and craft, I want to start scrapbooking and am waiting to see you on create and craft sunday scrappers first, (can't wait)!!!!please can you tell me when the show is so that I can record even if I am away on the day you apear.

  19. Can someone out there help my tired old brain. I want to cut an aperture with a spellbinder die, into a card which I will have embossed with a folder. I have forgotten which way to do this. HEPL PLEASE.

  20. Mel please help - I have a cricut imagine that I can't use. I linked it with the craft room and then was unable to use it for a while. I have gone back to it and it says it needs updating but when connected to the software it does not recognise the machine is attached - have deleted and reinstalled several times but without success. The machine will not do anything now. I have tried to contact provocraft but site not accepting my password and despite having asked for a new one 3 times have had no response. Really frustrated and desperate to learn how to use and play with the numerous cartridges I have. Any advice would be very greatfully received. My email address is delta04@fsmail.net. Thank You

  21. Wayne in Gran Can25 January 2013 at 10:38

    Hi Mel
    I am having problems with Craft room accepting my George and Basic shapes cartridge - it just fails!

    I have contacted the US on two occasions to no avail - any advice would be greatly appreciated as its getting very frustrating
    Thanks in advance

  22. Hi,
    Not sure why that would be. Try emailing isupport@provocraft.com
    Let me know how you get on. I will investigate my end.
    Melanie x

  23. Hi Mel
    Having problems welding small letters together? I have done what the instructions say but still get it wrong.


  24. Hi Ann
    Can you remind me which machine you have please.x

  25. Hi Mel, I have just watched you video on Youtube about faux stitching. Can't see the one that Matthew did doing more than one design at a time.
    Could you point me in the right direction please.
    Keep up the good work with the vids and samples.