Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Zentangle samples

me again! Now I have started posting samples.....I just cant stop!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi mel, these are really lovely. I enjoyed watching the show and am going to give it a go! What range are the sentiments you have used? Tracy x

  2. Hi Tracy
    They are from Woodware. If you want some let me know. Melanieheaton@netscape.net

  3. These are amazing Mel I've got the book and stencils and am hooked xx

  4. They are gorgeous Mel, I watched your shows and was lucky enough to get an e-mail read. Have got my granddaughter hooked too now.

  5. Hi Mel
    oh my word you are the Zentangle Queen just look at all these beautiful projects they are wonderful

  6. All your zentangle cards look super.

  7. Hi Mel,
    Im English but live here on Madeira & watched you on C&C here & just loved what you did with Zentangles, for someone who can only use one hand of the time this is fantastic!
    I need to get hold of the correct PAPER though especially from someone who will post abroad. Also 8" x 8" would be a great size for me or A4. I've had some Dreamweaver stencils for 7yrs & not used them also managed to get the pens here but no paper - I couldn't descrbe what l needed & they had no idea of meaning of zentangle!
    If you could help that would be great.
    Keep inspiring us please.
    Thanks Dawn

  8. Hello Mel
    After watching you on Sunday with Hayley .I can't stop doing that design in the box!
    Now I need more designs to become obsessed about lol!

  9. Hi Me,
    Wow! what a great selection of card you have posted, amazing, love them all all. Need to get some stencils and then I can get going.

  10. Hi Mel thank you for posting so many wonderful samples today. Jackie

  11. Wow, what a super selection! I have quite a few Dreamweaver stencils ... now I can use them!! I've sent for the pens and the book and can't wait to get started!! Thanks Mel xx

  12. Thanks for posting your samples it's great to have such wonderful inspiration.

    Regards Wendy

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  14. Loved the show and have to give this a try so have ordered some micron pens but need to get the velvet card you use a C&C is OOS..... will have to see if I can get it elsewhere... I want to try it for my Copics so need to get some..... this looks so relaxing to do so need to give it a go and see if I like it, I'm sure I will... the samples were gorgeous, so different..... x

  15. Mel I cannot find the Velvet card anywhere do you know of a stockist other than C&C where I can get my inky paws on some please? thanks so much x

  16. Hi nicki
    Try bramwellcrafts website and if they don't have any then email me at melanieheaton@netscape.net. I will see what I can do!!!!!!
    Love and hugs
    Melanie xxx

  17. I love zentangle, and I want to thank you Mel for really making it much easier, i had some of the zentangle books and when I tried the paterns, they never turned out that well. But after watching you on C&C last week, I gave it another go and got much better results. I'll def keep an eye out for more zentangle programs. Keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Mel
    Do you have an email that I can send a piccie to you? I don't know if its been done before and wanted to give you another idea for your shows? I've only been tangling a couple of weeks but have so many ideas. Love your work xx

  19. Hi
    Yes, my email address is melanieheaton@aol.com
    Looking forward to seeing your work.xxxx

  20. Love your samples Mel. I tried to send you the birthday card my friend gave me last month (covered in intricate 3D zentangle flowers) but don't know how!! Put it on my Facebook page instead. How do I share with you??

  21. Hi Janet
    Can you email it? If. You can send it to melanieheaton@aol.com
    Look forward to seeing it. Xxx