Friday 23 September 2011

Circle sizes for EK Success Punches

I have had a lot of requests for the sizes of the cirles for the various EK edger punches to go around so here they are;
Dotted Scallop  5 3/16"
Diamond Lace  5 1/16"
Embossed Curve  6"
Scalloped Diamond  5 1/16"
Acanthus Leaf  5 5/16"
Arrow Heart  5 1/4"
Arbor  5 5/8"
Postage Stamp  5 1/4"
Stitched zig zag  5 1/2"
Candles  5 13/16"
Ribbon Slot punch  5 5/8"
Intertwined Arches  5 13/16"
Abstract Flower  5 7/16"
Pointed Flower  5 3/8"

If the name of the punch you own is not on this list, it is probably because it will not go around a circle. If you want to test this then cut a 6" circle and put the card into the punch, (using your punch upside down)  Make sure it is central and if the entire pattern fits within the arc of the circle then it will work around a circle. If not, then it wont work.
melanie xxx


  1. Hi Mel, I will have a go with my EK success punches, they are my favorites. I do have a few MS punches but I love the EK success ones best.
    One of my all time favorites is the Moroccan punch, and recently I have bought the one that looks like it's a page been ripped out of a book...Just perfect for Scrapbooking.
    Thanks for the advice Mel, will try this. Debbiexx

  2. Thanks for the instructions Mel i will give it a go .

  3. Hi Mel, thanks for these instructions, will enjoy giving them a try!
    Can you tell me if you have put the measurements for all the squares you demo'd with the punches last year on C&C on your blog? I can't seem to find them anywhere and remember you saying you were going to do so.
    Thanks alot
    Janice x

  4. Hi Janice
    If you go to the video bar and click on the second box it will show you how to go around any size rectangle or square.
    Melanie xxx

  5. Thanks Melanie for your quick response. Have found it now so will give them a go too!

    Janice x

  6. Hi Mel have you a video demo on punching round a circle with the ek punches. Sandy Dallas