Monday 26 December 2011

Step by Steps

Hi Crafters
Happy Booxing Day. I have just posted below the step by step instructions for the Chest of drawers.
melanie xxx


  1. Thanks Mel, that is so kind of you. My daughter loves things like this, so I think we will have to create a set between us.
    Hope your christmas is going well.
    Best Wishes Linda

  2. Thanks mel. I hope your holidays are as great as,good food and the odd bit of crafting! X

  3. hi mel just a quick note,i think it would be lovely to have online projects next year.i will be interrested love my box is on its way been made.

  4. Thanks so much Melanie ,your a star
    Hope you had a lovely christmas
    Sandra xx

  5. Hi Mel i can't find your email addy to get the instructions :( any help would be appreciated
    Kind regards
    Sandra x

  6. hi mel well i made it. the draws leave a lot to be deciered but not bad for a first go. no one gets it right first time.gained more info for next time bluebell-flowerwood.