Thursday 7 March 2013

A Change of Plan

Just a quickie to let you know that the American Crafts show that was due to be on Sunday at 7pm is now a Sunday Scrappers show at 9am. I will be on with it could turn in to another emotional show.
A huge thank you to all the viewers who have contacted me recently to say they have started scrapbooking and shared their stories with me.
I am really quite proud that I have managed to encourage  some of you to try scrapbooking and I am sure you and your family will thoroughly enjoy reminiscing together.....even if it can be very emotional.
Hope you can join myself and Dean on Sunday morning.
Take care
Lots of love and hugs
Melanie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh great stuff, love Sunday Scrappers and you and Dean make a great pair.
    I always think Scrapbooking is emotional, just because every photo is from the past and we all wish we could have that past back.
    I have just scrapped a page of my lovely Dad, like you I lost my Dad and although I find it almost kills me to see a photo of him, he had a great smile so it's a pleasure to use them.
    Look forward to seeing what you come up with, and hope you have lovely Papers to show us (my favourite craft products are my papers!!)
    Love Debbiex

  2. Emotional means that it's 'real'; it's not all about the glossy embellishments and designs, which I think helps people to feel more relaxed about scrapbooking. If we're focusing on the event of the photos, then we're not stressing about the page and hopefully things will flow smoother then. Have a great show Mel, despite having to get up much earlier to get to the studio on time

  3. Mel, what paper collection did you use on this show. I wish I had bought it as it was so lovely for old photos.

  4. Hi
    I think
    It was love you more from American Crafts. Is it the girls one? X

  5. Maybe I am thinking of a different show then... It was a collection of very vintage papers and you were scrapbooking photos of your mum and her bridesmaids. The collection was so appropriate to the old photographs. I have really been inspired by your scrapbooking demos and am now making my own memory books.

  6. Hi
    Ahhhh. Yes it is the White Truffle collection from Hot off the Press.
    It will be back on air on Thursday at either 4pm or 7pm.

  7. Thanks so much Mel. Look forward to the shows