Wednesday 22 January 2014

Brand new Martha Stewart silicone moulds

Hello crafters
Thought I would share my mornings work with you all.
Made these embellishments with the new MS moulds which will be on air on Saturday at 4PM and Sunday at 7PM.


  1. these are lovely Mel, might be a must have!

  2. Hi Mel,

    These look lovely. I bought the clay a while back and love making my own embellishments. Yours are really. Clean at the edges, I'mstruggling to get the excess off the back without getting wispy edges. Am I doing something wrong? Ending up having to trim!! Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist.

    Looking forwards to your shows at the weekend

  3. Hi Becky
    There is a Knack. If you watch the shows I will show you the best way to get clean edges.....easier than trying to explain it!!!! Xx

  4. Aww lovely thank you! I'll be watching. X

  5. Hi Mel,
    re Project Life.
    Will C.&C. ever be stocking 12" x 12" plastic pockets? I have so many photos in different sizes which will not fit the pockets supplied with P.L. and I do not want to trim many of the photos to fit them. I have tried buying direct but they were not in stock!! Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday - couldn't manage without you!

  6. Thanks for your help in the demo today Mel. Really obvious now I've seen you do it. Love the new moulds just can't decide which to buy!

  7. Hi Mel, I bought the clays a while ago and used them quite a lot. However I haven't used them for a while and when I went to use them yesterday they felt horrible and could't get them to roll in to a ball. I have stored them with very wet kitchen roll and then in a sealable bag. Is there anything I can do to make them pliable again or do I need to get new clay? Regards Beryl

  8. P. S the kitchen roll had dried out. Beryl

  9. Hi Beryl
    It sounds like your clay has soaked up all the water from the clay.
    I store mine with a slightly damp piecs of kitchen roll and make sure that my clay is sealed inside their packets.
    I think you will need to bin it!!!!!
    Got a show at 8am this Friday. That's the 7th of feb.