Monday 21 November 2016

Saturday cutting craftorium shows

On Saturday at 9am I will be launching a brand new Cutting Craftorium USB on Create and Craft.
It's all about 3D letters and Bright Heart Lights.
Please join me then for this fabulous new product.
Big hugs
Melanie xxx


  1. HI MEL
    Inspiration has hit me and would love to tell you of a design idea.

    I would love to be able to have a bespoke letterpress/deboss for my cards. Such as handmade by, or created by etc. With the choice of inking, foiling or left completely plain for subtlety - to form an analogy, it would be like a watermark on good stationery.I think it would add a touch of refinement to cards. Your opinion please whether It would be an idea you would consider for the future.
    To the best crafting demonstrator I know you truly inspire and help return our MOJO.

  2. hello mel I love my scan n cut 300, but it doesn't bring up patterns for decorative dimensions on the cutting craftorium. Does it not work with the 300, can not afford a 600, or 900. I have just started card making, and I also bought you scan n cut dvd its great it explain everything except this one problem.

  3. I now have a Scan n Cut! It's a steep learning curve but gradually learning. However, I can't seem to reduce an image (change overall size) from the USB (Tattered Lace) - when I try, it only takes part of it? Is there a select all or something I'm missing?

    1. I too am a newbie and have so much to learn. I found that I could edit the image easier if I saved it to machine and then selected all and grouped it together.

    2. I too am a newbie and have so much to learn. I found that I could edit the image easier if I saved it to machine and then selected all and grouped it together.

  4. Hi Mel well after watching your shows for almost three years I got a scan and cut for Christmas I took it out of the box last week at first I was over the moon with it, but after two day of using it it stopped cutting on the same blade depths,speed and pressure that you recommend, so reluctantly I bought a new blade hoping this was not the life expectancy of the blade. when the new blade came it was fine, but once again it only lasted two days I hope you can shine some light on this for me, as other than keep buying new blades I'm at a loss. I've read the troubleshooting guide re cleaning. None of which as helped. thank you Lynda (

  5. Hi Mel an you tell me if I can make the patterns on the tattered lace usbs smaller.Thanks

  6. Love everything you do Mel. Most of all I value your honesty and integrity so I really trust your views on things. I have a scan n cut and recently bought two extra 12x24 mats which I was hoping to cut in half so I could have 4 12x12 mats to use. Can you tell me if this will still work if I cut them? I know I will only be able to use it from one side but that would be fine. I just wanted to check with you before I cut into it. Warmly, Alice

  7. Hi Mel do you know where I can get the piano keys from please can't find them on the USB ­čÖü

  8. Hi Mel can you tell me when the foiling kil is coming to C&C thanks Debra xx

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