Saturday 17 August 2013

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!

Hi Crafters
You know when you get a product and do the basics with it because you don't have time to really investigate what it will do? Well that's been me with the Martha Stewart circle punch kit.
I am guesting the 4 day deal shows starting on Monday and I have been working on boards since yesterday and I am only on the second punch!!!!!!!
There is soooooooo much you can do with them.
My idea is to show you everything I have come up with over the course of the four days.......but I think I might run out of time.
Tune in for lots of ideas as well as a great deal!!!!
See you there
Love and hugs
Melanie xxx


  1. Hi Mel
    Hope you will get chance to show us. I know you will hold your own and won't let C&C push you about (like they try to).
    Been watching Anna Marie today and she was bossed about abit, but newbies often are!!
    Stand your ground girl and look forward to seeing you and the fab circle cutters. Debbiex

  2. I'm watching the 4 Day Deal show at the moment -- and how amazingly creative are you!!! Stunning ideas. I can't believe how many different ways you've found to use those punches!!

  3. Hi Mel. If you punch every alternative space, you can swap punches and punch the spaces in between with a different one. Leaving the centre magnet in place and mixing them up :) This also works if you leave the centre magnet in place and turn the punch around.(Basically you can also cut an outer ring out and cut the inner ring out after , using different punches too if you want. 'Get your head around that' lol, loads more variations to play around with.

    Love your shows, Kevin. Bristol

  4. Hi Kevin
    Thanks for that top tip. I will try that tomorrow and name check you!
    Want to try it now but I have left my punches in the studio,!!!!!! Will have to be patient.x

  5. hi mel,, i purchased this a couple of weeks ago wow its brilliant.but i didn`t know it could do all the other things you have shown us,so i played around and got some great results... i have made you a card and i shall send it to bramwell blackburn...i ts just to say thank you for all you do you really do inspire a lot of us xx thank you mel x benita broadbent from leeds x x

  6. Hi please email me before you send the card as Bramwells is no longer in Blackburn.

  7. Hello Mel I was lucky enough to get the first 4 day deal but only just can't wait to start playing. Watch all the shows and I just hope I can remember all the things that can be done with them they are just awesome thanks for sharing your ideas
    Happy crafting
    Pauline B

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  9. Hello Mel, Thanks for giving me a name check. Made me laugh when you said Kevin a man, lol. Love your enthusiasm and experimentation for the products you promote, that's why they sell out time after time.

    My personal crafty page on Facebook is Digistamp Dreams. I like to share papers etc that I design (experiment with ,and try and find new techniques) with other crafters. Please can you leave this message on your blog, just in case anyone would like to check it out.

    Keep up the good work, and don't let them slow you down!, you have a lot to cram into one hour!

    Kevin Worth x

  10. Wow can't believe what you've achieved from the 4 Day Deal. It's amazing. In fact you always amaze me with what you get out of things. I must spend more time playing.

  11. Hi Mel Another great day of demo's from you on C/c. my head is spinning with ideas hope my set arrive tomorrow I hope your wage packet needs security for you to take to the bank. god bless and happy crafting
    Pauline B

  12. Thank-you for the card I won on one of the shows it's lovely. It will be put up on the wall when I eventually sort out my craft room.

  13. Thanks Mel, for some great demo's! I know you recommended using heavier paper, (and it is great) but I also used it through 8 layers of tissue paper and it turned out beautifully. Thanks again for all your hard work and inspiration x