Sunday, 14 December 2014

How to calibrate my Brother Scanncut screen

Hello Crafty friends
Yesterday a lady asked how to calibrate the screen on the Scanncut as it wasn't cutting to the I decided to do a qick post on how to.

First switch your machine on.

Next, using your finger, touch the screen and turn the machine off whilst still keeping your finger on the screen.
Then switch it back on.
You should now see this screen.

 Next, using your stylus tap the centre of each crosses in numerical order.

If you do this correctly then you will see a success message on your screen.

Please note that yo may have to do this several times as you need to have the X and Y reading 0.
A bit of a faff but worth it for a perfect cut!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks Mel. Not needed to do this......yet. SueL x

  2. Good. Don't do it unless you need to.x

  3. Thanks Mel,

    This is something that I wouldn't have even thought about. This info is so helpful just in case I ever have any need to use it.

    I was watching you on C&C at lunchtime today and I think I heard you say that there is a list of companies who are happy and give their permission for us to use their products with the Brother ScanNCut. Please can you tell me where I can find this list as I am so careful when it comes to Copywrite. I'd really value having a list as a guide as well as being able to check what other companies are happy for me to do with regards to the ScanNCut and their products.

    Thanks Mel xx

  4. Thank you for this information Mel. Much appreciated, more than you will know! Deb xoxo

  5. Hi Mel, I seem to be having a few problems, I was wondering if you can help me. I bought my machine back in march and have never done an update. I am having problems with patterns not being able to move them and when scanning some thing in the left arrow will not move for me to make the area smaller. This morning another problem arrived I brought up the alphabet and when I tapped on a specific
    letter it brought up the letter next to it instead. Do I need to calibrate the machine? And do an update.
    Thanks x

  6. Hi
    Yes. I would try it. Let me know how you get

  7. Hi Mel, I have not been getting perfect cuts so decided to recalibrate the screen. Not getting the zero results I did this several times. However, I am now not able to move from point 1 now, the numbers on screen change, and it does a double bleep, but the little black box stays on point 1. Where have I gone wrong, and what can I do to fix it please. Thank you. Lynne

  8. Hi Lynne
    I need you to email
    They are the technical people and should be able to help.
    Please copy me in

    1. Hi Melanie, Thank you for your very prompt reply - very grateful. However, I kept on 'fiddling' and found that pressing over, and holding the plus with the box it bleeped and moved to the next number. It got stuck a couple of times but cleared when I pressed and held for a moment. I am currently trying for the zero's (nearly there but not quite) - back to the drawing board (or screen in my case). Thank you again

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  10. I was told by someone at Brother that this adjustment is to calibrate the screen, not the blade. And it is the exact method of calibrating the Brother embroidery machine's touch screen. Strange that it would adjust cutting issues here since there is another adjustment for that.

  11. Hi Mary Alice
    This is for calibrating the screen and not the blade. If you touch the screen and it doesn't either bring up or move the shape then re-calibrating will help.
    Melanie x

  12. Thank you for this VERY helpful information!!!

  13. Still no joy with getting the numbers to 0/0

  14. Thank you so much, you just saved me a trip to the repair shop :-)

  15. Hi, my screen on my scan & cut won't work unless it is flat. Has any one got any advice please.

  16. Hi
    I have a CM900 and not had it out for a while. Was fine when I last used it but since getting it out again the carriage will only go halfway across the mat and then judders. It also judders when it returns to the left. Cant cut anything further than halfway. Dont know what to do. Anyone got any ideas please?
    Have tried switching on and off, calibrating, changing mat size, cleaning rails and checking for stuck paper/card inside.
    Thanks in anticipation.